3 years of imprisonment for the director of a bank branch and more than 9 billion dinars paid

2016/5/22 13:37

[Oan- Baghdad]

Criminal integrity issues Basra specialized court sentenced to imprisonment for a period of 3 years from the director of the branch of the Rafidain Bank in the province after being convicted of granting loans outside the controls, with compel it to pay the amounts which have long been growling.

A statement of the flags of the judiciary from the President of the Appeals Judge Adel Abdel Razak was quoted as saying, "The Court of Criminal Basra specialized integrity issues looked lawsuit manager of the Rafidain Bank Basra / 2 branch of the charge granted in violation of the regulations and instructions of loans."

He added that "the granting of loans in this way causing the squandering of public money of $ 9 billion and 316 million dinars."

He explained that "the evidence was sufficient to convict the accused, and judged according to the provisions of Article 340 of the Penal Code with imprisonment for a period of three years."

Abdul Razak pointed out that the "rule ensures recovery of amounts which have long been growling and not to evacuate the process after the expiry of her sentence what those amounts were not paid."