Starting tomorrow Conference and Exhibition {Arab Iraq reconstruction and investment in Oman}

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Starting tomorrow Conference and Exhibition {Arab Iraq reconstruction and investment in Oman}

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} begin in the Jordanian capital Amman on Sunday, business conference and exhibition of Arab Iraq (reconstruction and investment in 2016) organized by the Arab Contractors Federation in cooperation with the Ministry of Works with the participation of Iraqi and Jordanian officials, economists and representatives of companies and organizations and Arab finance institutions.

The aim of the conference, which takes place at Zara Expo / Grand Hyatt Amman Hotel to present reconstruction projects and investment opportunities in Iraq's present and future phases.

Awad Zain media spokesman for the Federation of Arab Contractors today said that the exhibition, which will be held on an area of ​​1500 square meters targeting construction and property development sectors, equipment and construction materials, and the infrastructure of water, electricity, communications and transport, and financial institutions, banks, and banks.

Congress, which lasts three days and represents an opportunity for companies Jordanian, Arab and representatives of contracting and construction and real estate development and investor sectors to identify projects and investment opportunities in Iraq and partnerships between the various companies and open investment channels through Jordan with Iraq, as it allows companies to competitive opportunities and providing goods and services to the exhibitors and participants.

Held during the conference, eight sessions in which Iraqi officials displays the available investment opportunities and projects completed and stalled, present and future in various sectors, and the size of the necessary financing, in particular the needs of the reconstruction of areas affected by the terrorist attacks and liberated, and the vision of the Iraqi ministries of those projects, and offering the role of unions and the Iraqi and Arab banks and programs international organizations working in construction, investment and possibilities of financing and lending, as well as the Iraqi Finance Ministry and the guarantees that can be offered.

Iraqi officials will present the Iraqi investment law and legislation on reconstruction and investment, and the role of Iraqi and Arab banks in the reconstruction and investment and the role of international organizations operating programs in Iraq and what they offer programs and funding.