Council Muthanna Inaql 50% of the petro - dollar allocations to the operating budget


Muthanna / long - Presse

Announced Muthanna Provincial Council, approving a reallocation of 50% of the petro-dollar allocations to the operating budget, and while noting that allocations amounted to two billion Iraqi dinars, confirmed that allocations aimed to revive the economic reality in the governorate.

The head of the Council of the governor of Muthanna province Yasiri in his speech for the (long-Presse) that "the provincial council endorsed unanimously during its regular meeting held yesterday, the redeployment of 50% of the petro-dollar product allocations in the province, amounting to more than two billion Iraqi dinars to the operating budget."

He Yasiri that "the provincial council deliberately on the use of the petro-dollar transfers to revive the reality of the province economically as well as manpower to run and give the opportunity for young people to get what they deserve from the jobs."

Yasiri pointed out that "the province suffer a significant financial deficit as a result of fiscal austerity is still haunted to this day which prevented the completion of the task of construction projects."

The House of Muthanna province, announced Tuesday (March 31 2015) to hold talks with foreign companies for the implementation of projects payment system on credit, and among that allocated to the province money shortage necessitates the search for alternative ways to fund their service guaranteed by the federal government, he stressed that the province is "backward" in the field of services it has not calculated its budget on the basis of Mahromep.