Abadi after storming his office: I will not tolerate attempts to drag the country into chaos


BAGHDAD / long - Presse

Said Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Friday, to break into the Green Zone is a step to drag the country into chaos, and pointed out that this thing can not be tolerated. He called for political blocs to join hands to address the conspiracies lurking Baathists allied with Aldoaash.

Ebadi said in a televised speech addressed to the Iraqi people, followed up (range Press) at dawn on Saturday, "for more than a year and a half check your troops heroine wins and frees the provinces, cities and villages from terrorist Daash gangs and succeed in re-displaced people to their homes, and yesterday returned the humid city and we at the gates of Fallujah return to the bosom of the nation. "

He said the prime minister "in the midst of these victories under way to complete the liberalization of Anbar province and the preparations and then Mosul, at this time, and to coincide with the Daash terrorist attacks in Baghdad against unarmed civilians is Mendson dragging the country into chaos and attack on security forces heroine inside Baghdad and emerging manifestations of armed inside cities against our security forces rather than face the enemy on the battlefield Aldaasha and wasting precious victories and sacrifices that are being made in the war fronts against Daash. "

He said al-Abadi said "some of the infiltrators are aiming to disrupt the momentum of victories Tstrha our heroine, and what happened the day of the storming of state institutions and tampering with public money can not accept it with the laxity of the perpetrators and that the law must take its course on each horseshoe, and every drop of blood from a citizen or soldier his duty to lead a dear and expensive us,

"adding that" the steps and achievements in the arena of confrontation and the progress achieved in the economic sphere is appreciated and the respect of citizens and the world for Iraq and Iraqis who witnessed the conduct of the government in the right direction, and we are making utmost effort to overcome the difficult challenges and carry out reforms and processors inclusive of those trying to block it ".

He continued Abadi "I renew my call for our people to be cautious and vigilant of those who are seeking to create chaos to achieve their aspirations,"

calling on "honorable citizens and national political forces to unite and respond to conspiracies lurking Baathists allied with Aldoaash criminals and who are terrorist acts in the cities to the rhythm of discord between the citizens and the state and its security forces the heroine to save Aldoaash who are hunting for them everywhere and disrupt services, as happened in the sabotage of the facilities of electricity, gas and other. "

He noted the prime minister that "the chaos would not be in favor of the people and the country and extend an invitation to focus the efforts being behind our fighters heroes to achieve the final victory and the rejection of political differences aside, and assure everyone that we have from the beginning we were with the demands of peaceful protesters, and with the security forces, which had shown utmost restraint and respect." .

And stunned thousands of demonstrators from the followers of the Sadrist movement, on Friday, the protection of the Green Zone, the heavily fortified broke into the area for the second time.

Faced protesters who entered the headquarters of the prime minister and the government within the International Zone Building, resistance from security forces, which Rhqthm hot water and tear gas.

A reporter (long-Presse) that "many of the protesters have been subjected to the cases of suffocation after inhaling tear gas."

Late Friday, the health department announced Rusafa toll rises as a result of the injured protesters to storm the Green Zone to 500 people, while denied the registration of deaths.