Documentation / corruption rife there at the State Department

May 21, 2016 20:22
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Senior officials at the Foreign Ministry and after that proved against illegalities were promoted

Documents: "aliens" scandal in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Astronauts infection affects most of the ministries and departments of the Iraqi state and the Iraqi Foreign Ministry is not an exception, it has the New World had obtained documents proving the involvement of senior officials in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to appoint "aliens" in order to provide more income for them. "New World" received a number of documents issued by the State Department as well as from the Iraqi embassy in Beirut confirms it. In a document issued by the Iraqi Embassy in Beirut and signed by Chargé d'affaires "by Rey Khan Shawki", dated 03/02/2015 and bearing the number: 3h / 16/246 addressed to the Under Secretary for Policy and Financial Planning Next came "referring to books Administrative Service / Department of human resources No. 775 on 06.08.2013 and 10.22.2013 in 1068 attached hereto and under which the appointment of Ms. Martin and Ms. Ellen Majus Dailamndo "adds the book as well," it became clear after the advent of the investigative committee of the embassy that the two above Moumi and satellite channels are received paid monthly by Ambassador Raad al-Alusi. "

Commenting on that got the New World on the official document "internal memo" issued by the head of the administrative department and agency Hussein Younis Hussein and signed by him dated 10/02/2015 addressed to the details of the appointment and documenting what happened and ends proposal to end the service after testing the facts as stated in the book "Building on the above, we suggest you to consent on the grounds set Moumi to them canceled after finding out the findings of the investigative committee referred to in the book above the embassy. "

New World has also received direct written two female employees of the supposed "spacecrafts" sites by the Iraqi ambassador in Beirut, Raad Mohammed Rashad al-Alusi, the first book with the number: Y / 02.04.2265 and dated 08.07.2013. And the second with the number: Y / 02.03.2993 and dated 23.10.2013.

Private sources of the New World has confirmed that al-Alusi could not do it if it did not give him facilities by the administrative department at the Foreign Ministry. In this regard, the New World got a document to approve the one-books hiring GOAL staff members signed by the unprecedented Sabti, head of the administrative department and agency of the current Iraqi Ambassador in Helsinki on 5.8.2013 and numbered: u / second / 4/2/3/8 / 6.5.77. The second book has been signed by a comprehensive Abdul Aziz Mohammed head of the administrative department and agency in the history of 21.10.2013 and bearing the number: u / second / 4/2/3 / 06.08.1068.

Note that three names have a format in several files, which later proved to be where irregularities and referred some of fairness. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and that have already had promoted characters that proved to be the legal irregularities returned again and rewarded Raad al-Alusi yet prove the guilt of the Fienth chairman of the Department of Human Rights, the ministry, in what has become the Seventh unparalleled ambassador of Iraq in Helsinki after it was re in the capital with the phrase with the ambassadors of replace his service in Slovakia to the beginning of the year 2013 the center.

It is noted that there are many conversations are traded between the followers of the Iraq war that the Iraqi Foreign Ministry has become safe for many Menkuadr Baath party haven, so that they were difficult to confront the power of the ministry. BAGHDAD new world