crowd People: edit Fallujah will ensure the security of the capital , Baghdad 2016 May / May 21 - GMT 10:47
Authority confirmed the popular crowd that all the preparations for the process of liberation of Fallujah in Anbar province have become available, while stressed the importance of expediting edited to ensure the security of the capital Baghdad.

A member of the body of opinion in the popular crowd Karim al-Nuri, in an interview to the correspondent of Fars News Agency, said the crowd forces are not looking for the completion of a hasty, especially in areas that are considered a den head of the group Daash as is the case in Fallujah.

He pointed out that the process of liberalization of Fallujah will be very close after the completion of all preparations logistics and intelligence as well as the arrival of other military reinforcements, while noting that what is missing is a process to determine their own zero hour.

He Nouri , "The importance of the liberation of Fallujah is that it is the moral base is important for Faction terrorist Daash, as it lies close to Baghdad belt and thus process cleared excluded the threat to the capital."
He pointed Nouri said the popular crowd forces were closing in the siege of the city ports , and thus will not allow the escape of any element of Daash it will be their graveyard in.
he concluded by calling on Nouri Fallujah on the whereabouts of Aldoaash while urging them to speed up to leave through safe corridors provided by them to the popular crowd forces.