Plans to make Iraq major phosphate exporting States

22/5/2016 12:00 am

Baghdad-Ahmad Abed Rabbo

Planning of the Ministry of industry and minerals to make Iraq at the forefront of major exporter of phosphate during the next five years. With huge reserves revealed the presence in the country, start investing full liberalization from Anbar Burgess terrorists of ISIS.

Ministry spokesman Abdul Wahid al-shammari pointed at SMC» morning», the Ministry sought to find alternatives to oil wealth with a view to strengthening and enhancing the national economy, to invest the other minerals in the country primarily phosphate, indicating a plan containing this precious metal exports over the next five years through investments and attract international companies to the country.
Official statistics put Iraq in the world's second largest after Morocco acquire phosphate.

According to shammari, Anbar province, in front of the provinces which possess this precious metal, and presently untapped link AFB end Anbar edits of Burgess Blix gangs, terrorist and security, to be a catalyst for bringing the relevant companies in this field whether it is Arabic or foreign ones.

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He drew the Ministry spokesman, noted that the process of developing the phosphate industry in the country, will be through attracting investment and creating the environment that ensure creation of mining industries in various types, cautioning that the State budget is currently unable to provide necessary customizations to promote industrial realities in the country.

With regard to the rest of the metals, revealed huge reserves of natural gas, gold, iron, sulfur and other minerals, in addition to the ceramic silica and lime stones that go into the cement industry, asserting that these diverse wealth would be in the future, an important investment opportunities that benefit and interest to citizens generally by moving the economy and provide jobs for the unemployed and bring in more hard currency into the country.

In another window, continue State company for petrochemical industries of the Ministry of industry and minerals work rehabilitation and maintenance of their installations.
The company said in a statement received Khalid Kazim Naji «morning» copy of it: that a company now continues to implement the update and maintenance and rehabilitation for all their installations and equipment as planned three months ago with the aim of creating an operating parameter in the case of liquid gas pump.

To complete the swap tubes switch company of ethylene plant in 1212 Central workshop, maintenance of generators in the power unit, in addition to repairing engines generating unit, in addition to the arrival of the inflatable devices and RO water bottling mobilized to corporate headquarters to complete examination and operation of the plant.

Regarding the company's paper mill of Missan, to move the company to attract investors to bring life to his lines and updating productivity and increase its capacities, alluding to the possibility of exploiting increased enrolments for creating other productive lines in order to meet the increasing demand for paper products.