Trade develop a plan to regulate imports and stresses the protection of national product

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 Baghdad/long press

General company for fairs and commercial services to the Ministry of Commerce, plans to regulate the import of materials to Iraq, and stressed the need to protect local products and impose tariffs, stressed the importance of activating the role of exclusive brand for consumer protection and not to enter the merchandise.

Company General Manager just said, on the sidelines during the first meeting of the Committee to follow the curriculum ' in the presence of representatives from the agriculture ministries of planning and finance, in a statement received (range), a copy of it, that "there is a high level of coordination between the Ministry of Commerce, the ministries of agriculture and industry and minerals to foodstuffs and canned food to study them as lists provided by the above authorities and allowed the import of prohibited imported and to tightened import platform for agricultural and food materials and then the rest of other materials.

He added that the meeting discussed "Messaoudi dumping local market commodity specification materials Iraq to address this phenomenon by protecting local products and imposing tariffs and exclusive brand for consumer protection and not merchandise", stating that "there are plans for organizing the materials of import to the country as needed.