The opening of the second-largest theme park in the Middle East in Sulaimaniya Tomorrow

By Roudao two hours ago

Roudao- Sulaymaniyah

Scheduled to be on Sunday the opening of the park , "Houari char" after 14 years of work on the project, and even though he has been so far , completing 25% of the project, but municipal officials in Sulaimaniya, preparing the project an important project in the areas of investment, the environment and the tourism sector.

The head of the Sulaimaniyah municipality network Roudao media, "the park was held on a wide green space near the city of Sulaymaniyah, and has an important role in air purification, citizens can visit the National Park cheaply, and it is a good way to attract investors, and has a good role in the field of tourism."

He said one of the citizens, "I'm glad the opening of the park, known in Sulaymaniyah as a major theme park, citizens now face big trouble, and it is important the opening of the park people to entertain in it for themselves, and it is important not to Asthsaloa money from the people, and take this into consideration."

It was planted three thousand species of plants and flowers in the park "Houari char", which established on 4400 acres, is located north-west of the city of Sulaymaniyah on the road between Sulaymaniyah and Giwan, it was organized by an electronic system, and is the second largest park in the Middle East, and has cost the second phase from its inception five billion dinars, and still need to completing another 6 billion dinars, the purpose of the establishment of a 5 star hotel and inn, restaurant and cinema in it.