IMF requires Iraq Supreme rollback lend

Since 2016-05-21 12:03 (Baghdad time)

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The parliamentary Finance Committee member confirmed Sarhan Ahmed, on Saturday, the International Monetary Fund putting conditions on the Iraqi Government in Exchange for granting the loan, noting that Supreme rollback highlights those terms.

Ahmad/balance of news/IMF, "putting the Iraqi Government during the negotiations where the basic requirement to reduce government expenditure and salaries high", noting that "appointments have been frozen since the year 2015 so it's not expected to be within the terms of the IMF."

He added, that "self-financing companies constitute a burden on the Iraqi economy and there was a proposal to merge with State-owned companies to replenish the cadre", noting that "the Finance Committee has no knowledge if the application process whether firms merge.

Iraq's negotiations with the IMF resulted in a $ 13 billion worth of between 7% interest.