G7 finance ministers vow to strengthen the fight against the financing of terrorism

2016/5/21 13:54

{Int: Euphrates news}

G7 Finance Ministers pledged to "strengthen international efforts to combat the financing of terrorism".

It came out in an action plan on Saturday, following a two-day summit in Japan.

The Finance Ministers said in the document that "a good international cooperation and exchange of information are vital to the fight against the financing of terrorism effectively."

French Finance Minister Michel Saban in a press interview, "we're now in the operational phase, we offer effective tools for combating the financing of terrorism because it is absolutely necessary."
Saban stressed the need for "good international cooperation and exchange of information in the field of finance, where he learned his keeping pace in State of State, against large financing operations for example for gangs of ISIS".

"The G7 will depend on the work of competent international organizations in the field to identify, analyse and assess the margins of progress and offer concrete proposals to correct any potential weaknesses.
As the Group of seven countries undertake to assess current prevention measures so that greater cooperation in financial sanctions such as the freezing of bank accounts and supporting financial action group against capital laundering {had} "to face the current challenges."

Saban stressed "we must combat cloaking, as prepaid cards but remain unidentified and movements of liquidity that allows funding. We need to leave fingerprints ".