Westerners are encouraged to establish business relations with Iran

5/21/2016 0:00

United States, Britain, Germany and France announced in a joint statement on Friday that Western powers encouraged its banks and its own institutions on the development of its business activities illegal in Iran.

Broadened the four countries , in a statement released after talks in Brussels to reassure businesses that fear that impede US sanctions against Iran, the resumption of trade with Iran after the conclusion of the nuclear agreement with them and which came into force last January.

she said the four countries and the European Union in the announcement: »We will not stand in the way in front of commercial activities licensed with Iran». She said «We will not stand a barrier to international companies or financial institutions that contract with Iran as long respected all applicable laws».

After years of embargo Iran obtained a partial easing of economic sanctions Bank in exchange for the start of implementation of the agreement with major powers over its nuclear program. But the United States has kept on other sanctions targeting the missile program , ballistic and Iranian support for armed movements in the Middle East.

Therefore the European banks , which typically has offices in the United States have been slow to resume business with Iran for fear of prosecution.
The goal of this joint declaration thus to clarify approval awarded nuclear agreement in Vienna on July 14, 2014.

he said the announcement «that the interests of Europe and the world at large companies in Iran, a large» and that «anyone who is in our interest and the interest of the international community to ensure all parties benefit from the plan , including the Iranian people».
he said the signatories of the declaration said «that includes the return of banks and institutions of European commitment (work) in Iran.»