A senior US general arrives in Baghdad and announced the deployment of Apache in Iraq [Extended]
[Oan- Baghdad]
We arrived commander of the central region of the US Army General Joseph Vattel, on Friday to the capital Baghdad.
A statement by the Iraqi Ministry of Defense said, "Army Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Othman al-Ghanemi received Friday morning, the commander of the central region of the US Army General Joseph Vattel and the presence aide to Army Chief of Staff for Operations and Training, and the deputy commander of the Air Force, and a number of body corner to discuss the progress of ongoing operations officers and discuss plans for the next phase. "
Ghanimi said according to the statement, that "the military operations are going very well and all operations breakers and there is a great progress of our armed forces thanks to logistical and air support from the United States and countries of the international coalition."
He added that "the fight against terrorism need to increase military support to our armed forces, which is preparing to resolve the fight against terrorism," stressing that "the professional Iraqi army in dealing with all citizens, especially the displaced by providing them with all the necessary supplies of life."
For his part, Gen. Joseph Vattel said, according to the statement that "my visit to Iraq is a clear message to the world for the position of the United States in support of Iraq, and we will continue to provide logistical support in the field of operations through the deployment of Apache helicopters and to provide the necessary reference to military cuts."
Then introduced Deputy Army Chief of Staff for Operations briefing on the progress of military operations in various cutouts, "and that the coming stage will witness edit the rest of the areas controlled by the organization Daash terrorist, especially the security forces in various different forms and formations ready to achieve a brilliant victory."