Sadr demonstrators: I respect your revolution spontaneous and I demand the immediate release of rebels
20:16 pm (Baghdad time)
Baghdad balances News
He called the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr demonstrators calling for patience and their revolt against corruption as the right to cry and carry on the government and its security forces and said "woe to the Government kill their children," adding that the hands of terrorism, violence and government cooperated against the Iraqi people, unarmed demonstrators.
Sadr said in a statement after the demonstrations that led to the storming of the demonstrators green and their occupation of the region's Council of Ministers building and the prime minister's office and hall meetings and the security forces dispersed them by firing live ammunition and water use sound bombs and tear gas cannons "cooperated hands of terrorism, the government and violence against the Iraqi people unarmed demonstrators. . vid erupted Lloyd targeted by live ammunition and tear. "
He said "Be patient, O heroic people peaceful Fetortk inevitably ally victory and an end to sectarian quotas, corruption and terrorism."
He went on to say, "O my people that the great and Agaftkm and your revolution against terrorism and against corruption is generally cry oppressors and corrupt right."
"It has to be for the right to override it: step of (people) and the rest in the Lord, and grant victory to God and God supports him change what its corruption and terrorism."
Sadr said attackers government, "woe to the Government kill her children in cold blood and Gaddafi and Saddam them so long ago."
He concluded by emphasizing, "I have to respect your choice and spontaneous revolution is peaceful and this I call you to success and victory, fortitude and I call for the release of the rebels immediately."
And he announced that the Baghdad Operations Command announced that he decided to impose a curfew in the capital Baghdad and the closure of all entrances to the impact of fallout that occurred after the storming Mtahreinn Green-Zone and the occupation of the building of the Council of Ministers and the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.
And he confirmed the withdrawal of the demonstrators from the Green Zone and control of the situation in the streets of Baghdad packed with cars parked in long lines for a state of paralysis following the announcement of the curfew Mufaji.anthy