Thwarting an attack on Baghdad, killing nine suicide bombers are motivated by Doaash of Fallujah

2016/5/21 0:11

[Oan- Baghdad]

It announced the Joint Special Operations Command, thwarting an attack on the capital, Baghdad, killing nine bombers Daash terrorist gangs are motivated by the city of Fallujah.

A statement by the Joint Special Operations Command / cell media Aharia that "cell hawks intelligence spotted a group of suicide bombers exceeded the 11 suicide site near the city of Fallujah with another group to protect the site."

He added that "After a complex process control lasted for several days and in the Thursday prior to the movement of this group toward the city of Baghdad, and based on the elements of the cell information off the Iraqi air force planes and under the direct supervision of the Joint Special Operations Command and directed accurate air strike resulted in the complete destruction of the headquarters and killed 13 terrorists, including nine suicide bombers and injured more than four others, the bombing about 21 bomber destroyed wheel bearing mono. "

The statement pointed out that "among the dead, the criminal named Haji Hamid Jumaili fugitive from Abu Ghraib in charge of the transfer of some of the mined wheels to Amiriyah Fallujah, Baghdad and the terrorist named Abdul Fattah Abu Ishaq, who was transferred several suicide bombers to Baghdad and an expert on the belts and IEDs manufacturing jail and was charged with transfer of this group to Baghdad. "

He has also been killed, "Harith al-Jumaili Madawabo terrorist responsible for the suicide squads in the boycotted Fallujah, a former military action with the age of the deceased iron bomb-making expert."