Sadr calls for the removal of the national card from " the hands of the occupier" and describes the project as "good . " Long-Presse / Baghdad
He stressed the cleric, Muqtada al-Sadr, on Friday, the national dimensions of the card for the "sinful hands of the occupier" project, in what was described interventions dangerous and shameful b ", count the project as" good. "
Sadr said, in response to a question sent him on some of what promotes the national card project and promised "a blueprint American," and I got (the long-Presse), a copy of the "fatwa", "It must be a national card project away from the hands of the occupier sinful" .
He described al-Sadr, such interventions as "dangerous and shameful," returned the project to "good."
The unified national card project is a vast Bamadaminh e-government applications, it is hoped that the ends of the distribution of the single card for all citizens in five years, and aims to be reduced national card supporting documents to citizens electronically instead of relying on manual documentation.