Sadr's office: stick to our position on the political process does not rule out renewed demonstrations

| (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad 's new director of the Martyr al - Sadr 's office in Baghdad , Ibrahim al - Jabri stuck Sadrists position of the political process in Iraq, and at a time of renewed demonstrations did not rule with the next session of the House of Representatives, it was pointed out that the demonstrations trend is an extension of demonstrations weekly in Tahrir Square. he said al - Jabri said in a statement that the Sadrist movement adheres claim of replacing the current cabinet ministers technocrats or solve the three presidencies, and otherwise resort followers of the Sadrist movement for civil disobedience and continue demonstrations until the achievement of one of these two requirements. Jabri added that the demonstrations power is part of the demonstrations Tahrir Square by the sons of the Iraqi people, which tasted so much from the governments of al - Maliki and al - Abadi said

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