The Word of the Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abadi to the Iraqi people


In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful
Oh, our dear
Since more than a year and a half year check your troops and the hero wins free provinces and cities and villages from a gang of ISIS terrorist and succeed in the return of displaced persons to their homes, and yesterday I returned the humid city and we're on the doors of the return of fallujah to hug the homeland...

In the midst of these victories and the ongoing preparations to complete the liberation lạnbạr province and then to Mosul, in this time and commitment with the terrorist attacks have lived in Baghdad against unarmed civilians of the Hudson with the country into chaos and an attack on our troops wish heroine within Baghdad and the emergence of armed manifestations within cities against our troops wish rather than face the enemy ldạ‘shy in fronts fighting and wasting precious victories and sacrifices made in the fronts of the war against ISIS.

To some of the lmndsyn aim to disrupt the momentum of the victories which make our heroine, and what happened today from breaking into the institutions of the state and messing with the public's money.

We can't accept it and complacency with the perpetrators and the law must take glory See it all over him, and that every drop of blood from a citizen or a soldier on duty dear and precious to us.

To the steps and accomplishments achieved in the fields of the confrontation and progress achieved in the economic sphere appreciated and respect for the citizens and the world of Iraq and the Iraqi government's progress in the right direction, and we're doing everything possible to make an effort to overcome the difficult challenges and reforms and comprehensive treatments They try to hinder them.

Renew the invitation for our people to caution and vigilance who seek to cause havoc to achieve their aspirations.

Pray Distinguished citizens and political forces to join national and respond to the conspiracies lmndsyn baath ldwạ‘sh allied with criminals and those who sold the terrorist money in cities doesn't bottom discord between citizens and the state security forces heroine save ldwạ‘sh who chase them everywhere levels Disrupting services as in sabotage didn't set up the electricity and gas and other.

That mess will not be in favour of the people and national advocacy and focusing efforts by standing behind our heroes to achieve the ultimate victory and renounce the political differences aside, we assure to everyone that we are since the start we were with the demands of peaceful demonstrators, and with our forces. Wish the utmost restraint and respect.

Mercy for our dedication lạbrạr and refuge for speedy recovery.
And peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings
Chairman of the council of ministers
Dr Haider Al-Abadi