America and the European Union calling for global companies to work in Iran

May 20.2016 18:41

America and the European Union calling for global companies to work in Iran

The United States and its partners in Europe seeking to convince banks and international companies to invest in Iran, which has entered into a landmark agreement with the West over its nuclear program.

It issued and the United States, Britain, France, Germany, the European Union issued a joint statement called on not to block any legal commercial activity between any of the banks and international companies and Tehran.

Iran reiterated on more than one occasion a complaint from the US financial sanctions imposed on dealings by the United States, which still included Iran in the list of state sponsors of terrorism, what hinders conducting financial transactions with Iranian companies or the state at the international level.

The United States continues to impose those sanctions on Iran despite the conclusion of a landmark nuclear agreement, which is supposed to represent the lifting of sanctions in all its forms from Tehran a basic effervescence.

This led to avoid European and Asian banks, financial and trade deal with Tehran in any way.

There were fears on the roof lately about the possibility of cancellation of the new US president's nuclear deal with Iran.

It was John Kerry, US Secretary of State, held a meeting with the heads of a number of the largest European banks in November early May / May of this, in an attempt to send a message to reassure the banks about the legal dealings with Tehran.

Kerry said during the meeting: "We would like to make it clear that the legal business, that the agreement includes a clear definition of it, banks can start as long as it took into account the normal rules governing the work and I got well on the person or entity you are dealing with."

He said Philip Hammond, Britain's Foreign Secretary, said that the international powers that have signed the nuclear deal with Iran is working hard to "support the European companies to resume their work in trade and investment activities naturally with Iran."

The remarks come with a continuing situation of Iran at the top of the US list of state sponsors of terrorism, raising controversy over US efforts to support the resumption of financial transactions and trade and investment activities between companies and global banks and Iranian parties.