NATO planes engaged in the campaign against the Islamic State


He said the Secretary General of NATO, "NATO" Jens Stoltenberg, Thursday evening, that the Alliance had broadened tasks, carried out within the framework of the international coalition to eradicate Islamic State "ISIS" led by the United States.

Stoltenberg said that broaden participation will be through the deployment of sophisticated surveillance aircraft AWACS type able to control hundreds of atmosphere surrounding alklomtrat.

Military official said the planes can fly "NATO areas in an international atmosphere" to support efforts to eradicate militant organization.

NATO agreed "in principle", the beginning of February, the us request to deploy AWACS planes.

NATO's statement explained that surveillance aircraft would not take part directly in the control of hardcore, but replace the Coalition warplanes or to gather information over areas controlled by the Islamic State. "

NATO still refuses to engage the "full" in the war on the Islamic State, but he is ready to perform monitoring functions.

Meanwhile, NATO Secretary General to send an assessment team to Iraq to examine the possibility of an Iraqi request to train the Iraqi army forces inside Iraqi territory.

NATO trains Iraqi officers are currently in Jordan.