Masum, confirms the importance of the success of the efforts being made to overcome the economic problems in Iraq

Thursday 19-05-2016
| 7:31:00
Twilight News / met President Fuad Masum, in the city of Sulaimaniya on Thursday, a number of members of the Political Bureau of the Central Council of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.

According to a statement issued by the Presidency of the Republic, that during the meeting to discuss developments and recent developments in the political arena with all the joints, as well as ways to exit the country from the current crisis it is facing.

He said he has been to emphasize the importance to unite efforts in order to solve all the problems and outstanding issues through resort to serious dialogue and the principles of the Constitution and the priority of the interests of citizens.

The infallible as in the statement on the importance of understanding and solidarity for the success of endeavors to overcome the economic problems as well as the resumption of the Council of Representatives and his return to the practice of legislative and regulatory powers.