Wasit is preparing for the international exhibition for energy, the economy and investment

2016/5/19 23:22

{Wasit: Euphrates news}

Wasit governorate is preparing to establish international exhibition energy, the economy and investment under the banner {Basra Iraq bread basket} between 23-26 this month on the plant tissue of Kut where the fair is the first economic event in the province sponsored by the local Government {Executive and legislative}.

Governor of Wasit owner behind the Canyon in a statement copy {Euphrates news} today "that the main purpose of this show is to rotate the wheel of economy and attract investment companies add sharing experiences", noting that it was the first event of its kind in the province in economic terms to raise the level of investment,

"Valley confirmed the show will give the opportunity for competition between investment firms to provide the best services and presentations that will actually improve investment in conservation which provides an opportunity to turn their children and eradicate rampant unemployment crisis at the moment because of the austerity economic crisis at present.

It is said that Wasit governorate is one of the provinces with economic, trade and agricultural resources, making it a good franchise investment opportunity for investment firms flocked.