Iraq 's willingness to reach an SBA credit agreement with the International Monetary Fund

(Independent) .. concluded the afternoon of Thursday, negotiations between the government delegation headed by Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari and the participation of the central bank governor and adviser economic prime minister and leading experts in the financial, oil, planning and electricity ministries, experts of the International Monetary Fund.

The outcome of the negotiations on the agreement on the standby credit arrangement program, which provides financial support for Iraq during the next three years, enabling it to continue to provide the war requirements of the entity Daash terrorist edit Iraqi territory from the clutches of this entity and deficit reduction and financial gap and achieve financial and economic reform real.

A statement from the Ministry of Finance said the government delegation was keen that this program does not affect the government spending in the area of ​​social and health services and education and a network of social welfare and humanitarian programs. (End)