Iraq and the International Monetary Fund to sign a draft loan gets Iraq under which the amount of $ 5.4 billion

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Special / Economy News:
Iraq and the International Monetary Fund took place in the Jordanian capital Amman on Thursday, on a project loan of $ 5.4 billion, in Mali Atardam up to 15 billion Dolarmen supposed to be provided by donors to Iraq in the three years to come.

And signed a loan from the Iraqi side, Finance Minister Hochearzibara and Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq on the Keywords project as signed by IMF Chief of Mission of Iraq to the fund Christian Goss, who told the reporter Agency / Economy News / during Matmrsahvi held two sides Atraltoukaa on the project, that the loan will be granted to Iraq on 13 paid for a period of 3 years, the first of these payments would be $ 600 million.

He explained that the fund will be watching each batch of loan payments to ensure the disbursement of a transparent and meaningful way.

For his part, Zebari's / Economy News / absence of the conditions declared Ogirmalnh for this loan, we said we also have a sensitivity to the money managed in a manner and properly, and there is a set of measures must be implemented by the Iraqi government, there is a periodic review by the International Monetary Fund, which will be watching it.

He announced the existence of the money will come to Iraq except Makedmh Fund, the United States and the Arab countries and the World Bank, he expressed hope that the seven industrialized nations provide assistance to Iraq.

Kdrahjm and funding within the aid to be provided to Iraq over the next three years, between 16 to 18 Milirdolar program.

For his part, he denied Almstcharalmala Prime Minister Mzarmohamd favor during the Press conference which was attended by Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords and Ssadoralarac to Jordan Souhail, any Tathirma of the loan on the poor and low-income classes, stressing that the main objective is to reduce government spending, and that the loan would be under Mjhralrkabh aggravating the body integrity It is also the fund, noting that the loan will support the poorer classes and armed Aazzarult in the face Alarhabkma will give priority to the social protection network

The text of the loan project on the success of the Iraqi government to get 5.4 billion Dolaramirka from the International Monetary Fund, and the willingness credit arrangements make it easier for Iraq to obtain up to 15 billion Dolarmen international donors' financial support to less Tkadirkhalal Amrhma three years of the program.

He explained that this support will contribute to the containment of Iraq, the financial crisis and return it to the path of sustainable fiscal situation, it will also help in reducing Aladzvi the budget and reduce the government's debt level and lays the foundations for the reform of government and Aazzalnamwalaguetsada and government reforms.

Noting there importance Tazizalchwevih and increase the effectiveness of public finance management and reform of budget execution, improved banking supervision in order Ttaiwirmmarsh best for the banking sector and reduce dependence on oil revenues and an increase Giralnaftyh resources and direct the repair spending in the budget while protecting spending on social matters, health and education and a network of social welfare and humanitarian programs.

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