Governor of Baghdad reveals corrupted files relating to politicians.

Thursday 19 may 2016 17:14

During his speech at the opening of the sewer project spend Mahmudiya Baghdad Governor said Amanda that money stolen by some politicians being invested abroad, revealing a large estate was bought by the Government figures out of the country.

Governor of Baghdad, Ali Al-Timimi, says: Unfortunately we updated our thieves and corruption of his money invested here in Dubai and they invest us in bertania and colors and I thank God takhim toka of Hai cosine that there met officials in Britain wasadro seizure money to Ko 100000 real estate buyers by Iraqis and non-Iraqis politicians only in London 40 thousand akarallh of how corrupt officials knew me outside Iraq now how bakoflosnh wekhlonh trunk for no money. "

And coincided with the opening of sewer project completion three projects for paving of streets in mahmudiyah subsidiary.

Ahmed Kassem, Chief Resident Engineer, says: "30 km distance tiling tiling for me Edna Arbel serves approximately 9 complexes Street Revival Street Street Railway Association is between the North and South of mahmudiyah Street llmhamodih dkhlia become military neighborhood streets for 18 full area service etc.. The whole area service main street. "

Governor of Baghdad in his speech also criticized the Cabinet decisions previously left off all the projects of the province.