Promotion of investment to international consulting

5/19/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
First step in the promotion of investment and the business environment to be a decision of the marketing policy as if it is moving on projects wholesale or select a certain number of priority projects for the economy and society with an accurate diagnosis of the site and the province, where this trend is the era of a new attraction easier for investment firms to take a general idea the reality of work and the surrounding environment.

Member of the Baghdad Economic Forum Amer Jeweler said that the move towards the selection of the project requires knowledge of the extent of the need for products or proposed project services and the preparation of a preliminary feasibility study and market study him, as well as taking into account the availability of raw materials or assistance or basic services and factors of local supplies, including capacity Humanity.

Project selection

He added in an interview with «morning» that the selection of projects needs to examine and guess the results and benefits, products and services, added value and the degree of contribution of each project in the gross domestic product and in improving business and service environment, as well as the preparation of solid preliminary study for each project is determined promotion and exposure during the marketing process.

He noted the importance to adopt the promoter to invest display the following factors for projects that are marketed, such as return on investment expectations as an indicator for the calculation of the profitability of the investor in the project is in marketing and other factors such as the reality and the degree of sophistication in the targeted economic sector in the country and display the growth and demand expectations and environment equivalent work.

Jeweler stressed the importance to be promoted team fully aware of the circumstances of the project, economic sectors and has the ability to estimate the market value, paving to prepare sophisticated analyzes of rates of return on investment peek to be mighty to encourage and help investors to directly work with the profitability and competitiveness, indicating the importance to be able to specifically the precise location of the proposed project and the final allocation of the land to him with the creation of full information on the geography and the services available and the type, quantity and degree of proximity of the site and if possible additional services can be provided.

A new approach

He explained that this approach is an important focus for attracting investment firms, pointing to the importance to have a new direction to activate investments through which to achieve overall economic development and this axis one of the main pillars of achieving the desired goal, stressing the need to nominate director and spokesman for each project or the number of projects that It is promoted be armed with information and the ability and flexibility to respond to any inquiries and clarifications tirelessly and at any time and positive spirit as soon as possible.

Jeweler urged the preparation of an integrated promotion plan for each project package with a media campaign inclusive before beginning any promotion campaign, where it should all start-up kits create successfully when the agreement with the investor to avoid any negative reactions caused by direct difficulties such as allocating the site or configured to be ready to receive and provide pictures and a film about the site, and to ensure the consent of all parties and relevant ministries to be Kalnavzh per team, as well as provide through practice and study of the obstacles faced by the direct Other projects for consideration in subsequent campaigns.

International consultant

And projects and public companies that lured her strategic partner, he said, prefers hiring an international consultant, it is useful to ally with a local consultant, to prepare a pre-integrated plan for advertising and promotion mechanism include the proportion of the partnership to the partner and the number of shares to be launched to the private sector and the rest of the details that reflect the seriousness and credibility of the extent of the party that you're promoting.

He stressed the importance of being the move to promote investment opportunities in an integrated and detailed a limited number in each pack in addition to the availability of all the studies, supplies, and the resolution but we recommend using consultants (international + domestic) to the process of promotion according to a plan designed to be successful in achieving a real magnet for investment and the signing of agreements, and are advised to avoid Wholesale repeated announcement of projects with general information for each.

And that to be able to high professional teams to promotion, preferably are studying and analyzing the sources and concerns and the movement of foreign direct investment at the international level and the degree and nature of the interest of each source of investment and economic sectors covered by the promotion, the degree of sensitivity risks to be familiar with and grasp the reality of the targeted investors to enable the development of effective targeting of marketing plans and attract investors and succeed in achieving a final agreement with them.

Jeweler stressed that be armed promoting information about the flows and the size of foreign investment and its tracks, regions and countries targeted by the variables and the reasons for the increases and decreases to put perceptions about who we are targeting and how they are being included our plans and when and where we do the meet and communicate with investors who aim to attract them team.

He focused on should be familiar with the promotion of foreign direct investment achieved the size actually team in Iraq and percentages distributed among sectors and regions of Iraq with a deep awareness of the difficulties and challenges and risks to invest in Iraq and that there are answers and solutions and proposals already prepared to face the actual frequency of the investors to invest in Iraq, noting that it the same applies to direct domestic investment dropped in Iraq.

Major projects

He suggested Jeweler on government agencies to have a decision and will implement the major projects manner partnership between the public and private sectors
(Foreign and local) and contained in the strategies of Energy and Industry up to 2030,

which got the Iraqi government authenticate them, the formation of industrial contribution to the petrochemical, fertilizer and iron to steel, aluminum, cement and brick companies (construction materials) and form a team for each industry,
comprising representatives from the Ministry of Industry and Minerals Ministry of Oil and the National Commission for Investment as a nucleus for the team as an investment professional with a high level takes the process of promoting the energy-intensive industries consumption, which raw materials are available peek and contribute to the high usage of the various levels of employment in the gross domestic product and for supplying the vertical and infrastructure industries and services, indicating that this experience is a real challenge, especially in light of the decline of governmental capacity financial investment and break the time factor and the decline of local capacity.