Front reform nudge the political blocs to the non-interference of the Federal Court decisions

The number of visits: 483 Published on: 19/5/2016, 11:51 Published by: Hamid

Demanded the reform front, Thursday, non-interference in the decisions of the Federal Court on appeals Bgelstin the House of Representatives.

Front said in a statement that "in application of the Iraqi Constitution and to preserve the independence of the judiciary, reform the parliamentary front nudge the political blocs adhering to the quota system and the joint power to non-interference in the Federal Court decisions, directly or indirectly."

Front expressed its rejection, "any message or any indication of a block or a political figure suggests that there is a political solution to the contentious issue on the constitutionality and legality of the article of the Presidency."

She continued, "Such letter or to give the impression to the court would mean a judgment proactive and constitutional violation and a blatant interference highest judicial institution in the country's affairs," persisting "also rejects the reform front Parliamentary any international intervention or regional work of the Iraqi judiciary, which must be independent."

She called the front, the Federal Court and the distinguished body to "put their confidence high professionalism and commitment to the Constitution and the law and maintain their independence, away from the effects of political and sectarian quotas, especially that the court will consider the issue of justice fateful be the basis for the resolution."

She hoped to "be the Federal Court decisions in favor of justice sought by everyone, especially the people of Iraq, who have suffered long waits for the real reforms and the abolition of political and sectarian quotas."

The Federal Court identified earlier, on the 25th of this May 2016, as the date to consider appeals filed by the House of Representatives of the protesters on the constitutionality of two sessions of parliament.