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BGG: JTANK: BTW - no need to thank me - tonite is easy!!
BGG: throw a rock and you hit a GREAT NEWS piece...
BGG: Any questions before I get going??

BGG: Ok - here we go...
BGG: (BTW - I'll have both blogs updated again - right after we finish)...

BGG: Rafidain Bank announces financial achievements in the provision of banking services 05/18/2016 (Independent) .. Rafidain Bank reviewed the financial achievements in the provision of banking services to state institutions and citizens and other sectors. Read More :http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthre...nking-services

The Director - General spokesman Kamal al - Hassani said the bank At the fifth anniversary after the seventieth anniversary, which coincides with the nineteenth of this month managed to achieve sophisticated financial achievements compared to the previous departments.

BGG: He noted that the bank 's shares in the adoption of the electronic card (ironing Card - MasterCard) in pensions and groups other covered by using advanced banking technology for users of the card in all its branches inside and outside Alarac.adavh to pushing staff private courses to develop Mlakathm up experience in the fields of employment financial and banking and access to international banking experiences in this regard.

Hassani said that the bank has contributed in collaboration with the Central Bank to provide a dollar coin to citizens for multiple purposes and its own resources and in accordance with the conditions set by the Central Bank. And develop a plan for expansion and opening up to the banks of the world and provided necessary facilities for employees and retirees ..

With regard to the granting of loans and advances noted , many of which provide for them under the conditions covered by the law and regulations, in addition to that it has started to open new branches in the country to provide services to its customers.

As between Hassani and the presence of many of the bank 's achievements and it will supplement the media out later.

BGG: This is funny...
BGG: the translation means...

"...and it will supplement the media out later..."

BGG: "...we'll talk about this later (with the media)..."
BGG: kidding right?!?
BGG: they ALREADY ARE... (to anyone listening).
BGG: for those asking what I thought about this piece today... I think I just told you.

SATRIB: I'm bloondw

BGG: Hey - great to see you - GO!!

SATRIB: I'm blonde so could you spell it out lol and hi yourself

BGG:B-L-O-N-D-E ...

SATRIB: brat

BGG: SATRIB: they are saying (in not so many words) something is coming later - they will let them know about..

SATRIB: BGG: well I think we kinda know that right? Its the what part.......

BGG: Hassani said that the bank has contributed in collaboration with the Central Bank to provide a dollar coin to citizens for multiple purposes and its own resources and in accordance with the conditions set by the Central Bank. And develop a plan for expansion and opening up to the banks of the world and provided necessary facilities for employees and retirees ..

SATRIB: BGG: of the world??

BGG: The speaker says "the bank" has (past tense) collaborated with the CBI - on what??

BGG: "...to provide a dollar coin to citizens for multiple purposes..."
BGG: at which point - I'm like you all...
BGG: I quit listening... RV RV RV RV...
BGG: that's what it means.

JTANK: wowzers

BGG:and here's the second bit of inferrance in that paragraph.

BGG: "...And develop a plan for expansion and opening up to the banks of the world and provided necessary facilities for employees and retirees ..."

BGG: which is ALREADY IN PROCESS (we'll get to that later)... first part - PAST TENSE.... second part ... ongoing now...

SASSY: BGG is this part of lower denoms? Ok answered lol, that was my question

SCOTZGIRL: does it say dollar because of the translator - but really means 1 dinar?

SASSY: BGG sure sounds like it

BGG: Good catch - IDK - nor am I that hung up on it... if they wanted everyone to know, they would have been clearer.

SCOTZGIRL: good point!

BGG: SCOTZGIRL: without question - it is referring to some currency shift.

BGG: and it appears to be something in that category.

SCOTZGIRL: Awesome, tyvm!

ELANE: Just that after all we do and study.. it just seems surreal... but it seems like they are showing us

BGG: When it does happen - in THAT MOMENT - I promise, it will seem surreal.
BGG: ELANE: and this looks like some kind of early warning - how early?? Hard to say.

SATRIB: we need a pump oxygen feature into this chat room...this is stunning

BGG:SATRIB: Check the News Forum out - that is where this is all from...

BGG: it has been unfolding as we speak... our News people dig it up - we report - you decide.

MRS. BGG: http://www.dinarupdates.com/forumdisplay.php?5-Current-Iraq-NEWS

SATRIB: i did read it all in chat logs earler but my brain refused to acknowledge it

SASSY: BGG and they are so awesome, BGG only at DU

BGG: BTW - for all those saying "REAL" info is not available ... our people write it down for them

MUDCAT: Can I send my resignation letter to my boss tonight...(just Kidding)

BGG: We even dug up an actual article from the LA Times about the Kuwait currency event... I start EVERY SINGLE NEWS day off with real info. Check it out.

MARTHA SUE: so could they be surprising us with an Anniversary Gift for their 75th Anniversary for that bank???????????????? I'm in! But could that be a way to throw us off???

BGG: I doubt it.

BGG: I think it's more about when they are fully ready.

MARTHA SUE: dang ... just a thought! a good thought!

BGG: I'm going to get to my synopsis in a little bit.

MARTHA SUE: thanks so much

BGG: No - thank you!! Way to stay after it!!

MARTHA SUE: I have my bags and boxes packed! ... just need the green light!

================================================== ==========

HORSEGAL: any news about the meeting with the IMF in Jordan?

BGG: When was that - today??


BGG: Other than the dissenters on the Finance Committee b!tching about having to answer to the IMF - No... I haven't heard.

HORSEGAL: ok thx

BGG: HORSEGAL: and that is about how it will go... the thugs whining about losing at EVERY step from here on.
BGG: the point is - they have had a paying "seat at the table" thus far... they are losing this prized position - and they know it.
BGG:this is the lay of the land.

HORSEGAL: that's good

BGG: It is.

BGG: On the Keywords: We have reached an agreement with the Kurdistan Region to open the central bank in Arbil

The governor of the Iraqi Central Bank, on the Keywords, in an exclusive interview with Roudao Media Network, the central government held talks with the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, was agreed to open a central bank in the Kurdistan Region has all the requirements and specifications, and to be part of the bank CBI, pointing out that the Kurdistan region has the right to obtain 17% of the foreign loans obtained by Iraq.

BGG: The following is a transcript of the interview:
Roudao: What is the role of the central bank in solving the current economic crisis? On the Keywords: the central bank represents a fundamental pillar of economic policy in the country, along with fiscal policy, and since the country's resources have dropped significantly, and in particular since 2015, played a central bank and still plays an important role in trying to overcome the current financial crisis, through his purchase of treasury transfers issued by the Ministry of Finance and purchased by banks, the central bank re deducted, which now stood at more than 12 trillion dinars, as well as the Central Bank allowed the use of 50% of the bank's reserves has to buy money orders, with an estimated up to 4 trillion dinars.

Roudao: Is the central bank distract from the reserves at the moment?
Keywords: central bank banned it according to the law that will provide loans to the government, but the central bank can buys money orders or bonds from the secondary market, not from the government directly, that is, when there are money orders issued by the government purchased by banks, can the central bank rediscount, because of the great financial crisis, the banks can not cover all of these transfers continuously...

BGG: I could go on and on - talk about stuff that doesn't REALLY matter... but here it is...

BGG: I'll tie this all up together for you tonite.

BGG: THEY ARE GOING TO OPEN CBI Branches in Kurdistan. Which means there's no independant Kurdistan in the near future. There is also something up on the financial front - VERY BIG NEWS.

BGG: for the GOI and the KRG to agree to put a CBI up there is BIG TIME. There cannot be this huge difference some have talked about. This is about to be a REAL PARTNERSHIP... which means there has to be FAR GREATER level of co-operation and collective than any of us has understood thus far.

BGG: Lower Denoms... and a CBI in Kurdistan - BIG TIME...

HORSEGAL: just a comment. Makes me think it's coming soon?

BGG: As we all are hoping.

MARTHA SUE: I'm not blonde ... like satrib ... but curious. Can a country have more than 1 CBI? Or is that because Iraq and kurdistan are 2 diff countries???

BGG: No worries - good question... yes, they can have multiple branches... thus far the KRG has had their own banking system and has not been able to rely on the CBI for support. This is not about a separate CBI entity - it's a branch

MARTHA SUE: way cool ... that does sound good like they have a hand shake!

BGG: exactly - they've got a "digital handshake"

MAINE: what about currency auctions are they all done now?

BGG: MAINE: we'll find out in the morning - but I doubt it. This is all "pre-cursor" info.

SATRIB: first, thank you for providing a platform that enables us to receive so much good info from such diligent researchers an second,....it seemed from chat logs there was some concern about where we might be able to exchange once we have some real value. Do you share that concern?

BGG: I do not - this is the VERY REASON I started the D.U.C.E. list (Dinar Updates Currency Exchange - List)... once this is real, it's money... someone will want the action. Period.
BGG: No doubt.

SATRIB: I am counting on that list BIG TIME

BGG: but for us to get the best deal, we should stick together.

PUFFDRAGON: We do have a date from the IMF and the letter of intent, by end of first half of 2016, BY June 30th ! I don't think that has changed ?

MRS. BGG:PUFFDRAGON: I have some ?'s about that


Im just stating what was said !

BGG:PUFFDRAGON: I am always cautious about "implied" date conversation - it would seem they intend to get this done by then - however the IMF is having to deal with all these obstructionists in Parliament...

BGG: having said as much - it appears to me - the best they can do, is hold things off a bit...

PUFFDRAGON: I have had the same ? come to mind BGG

BGG: things will NEVER GO BACK to the "good ole' days" for Maliki and his crowd.

BGG: JTANK: YVW - and thanks for being here.

MAINE: could you elaborate on that? sticking together as in sharing info or exchanging as a group?

BGG: That is correct. Sticking together as in - sharing info and as many as care to - getting the best deal.


BGG: Stay home and stay safe.

MAINE: don't worry i wont

BGG: Simple message - can be hard to do.

MARTHA SUE: Thanks so much to you, Mrs. BGG, Swanny, Mags, Hutch ... and everyone who pulls together! Big hug!

SASSY: Thanks to all the DU team for giving their time to us


BGG: OK gang - that's it for me. Have a Great nite... TTYL

MRS. BGG: Thank you everyone for joining us for NewTime! Love & Blessings