NATO considering returning to Iraq
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Thread: NATO considering returning to Iraq

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    NATO considering returning to Iraq

    NATO considering returning to Iraq

    Since 2016-05-19 at 00:17 (Baghdad time)

    Pursue balance news

    He said the NATO Secretary General of NATO that Iraq could get additional support from NATO in the face of ISIS.

    According to Jens stoltnberg in Brussels that NATO is currently considering the request made by the Government of Iraq to expand the Alliance's military training program for the Iraqi army.

    Stoltnberg said that such training could be done in the future not only outside but also inside Iraq.

    NATO had decided the current training program last summer and the Alliance within this program to train several hundred Iraqi army officers in Jordan.

    Stoltnberg said "I think we have to focus increasingly on how to rehabilitate the national forces there to be able to defend the country themselves."

    Stoltnberg pointed out that NATO Foreign Ministers ' meeting scheduled on Thursday and Friday in Brussels to discuss the matter.

    The last NATO mission training Iraqi forces which in Iraq between 2004 and suffering

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