Reform front: I do not have the right to Jabouri constitutionally extend legislative term of the parliament

14:07 pm (Baghdad time)
Confirmed the reform front, on Wednesday, he is not entitled to the parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri, the extension of the legislative term of the Council, pointing out that only the House of Representatives, which has the authority to extend it.
The MP said the full front-Zaidi, L / balance News /, "The Front would like to hold the meeting but not the current chair but headed by new elected."
He said al-Zaidi, that "Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri submit to the Council a request for extension of the legislative term to him, by voting."
He explained that, "from a constitutional standpoint, is not entitled to Jabouri or any hand extended, the fact that the text of the Constitution to submit a request to the Parliament in this regard to be voted on."
He stressed "the need for Parliament to hold a hearing on time, tomorrow, to approve the request for extension of the legislative term for a month, and discuss the security situation and the recent violations and the World Bank Loan Fund for Iraq."
And between, "The Front expressed a desire to be part of the solution to the current crisis," asserting that his forehead "has not and will not seek to any position, whether in Parliament or the next government," .anthy