Araji MP calls for political blocs to decisively and not to exploit the situation in the development of conditions
[Where - Baghdad]
The head of the parliamentary bloc Badr Qasim al - Araji, on Wednesday, to the need to resolve the political blocs to speed up its mind and the contract with the House of Representatives warned of the existence of wills to disable this important institution.
They said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that we "beware of the existence of wills to disrupt the legislative institution and we have to bear the political blocs responsibility and haste in holding the House of Representatives.
He said the head of the Badr" The parliament is the most appropriate place to put the legitimate demands and that disable it was not in the favor of one , "noting that" the solution to this crisis and the meeting of the blocs in the parliament is in favor of the Iraqi people in all its factions and its components. "
the Kurdish blocs and set conditions for a return to Baghdad and engage in political work, among those conditions reimburse the Peshmerga and resolve areas disputed.