Minister's [where]: The government will cooperate with the IMF on the budget
[Oan- Baghdad]
minister said that the government will cooperate with the IMF regarding the request to consider the financial budget.
The International Monetary Fund has told Iraq the need to edit the budget for fiscal 2016 bill to be reduced in order to disbursement of the loan to him.
The Minister of Youth and Sports , Abdul - Hussein Abtan, told all of Iraq [where] " in return we get the loan from the IMF, the government is determined to coordinate and cooperate with him for loans and to be the financial and economic affairs in conformity with the agreements that have taken place between the Ministry of Finance and the IMF. "
According to news access of Iraq, on Tuesday, a loan from the international Monetary Fund worth $ 13 billion with interest estimated at 1.5 percent.
as said Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq [agency] on the Keywords that Iraq will receive loans from the international Fund for up to $ 15 billion in the next two years.
among Keywords in a newspaper interview , "Iraq is expected to happen this year at $ 7 billion or more, and in principle in the next two years Iraq could get $ 15 billion, and these amounts could say it has become almost certain. "
An Iraqi government delegation senior headed by Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari held talks Saturday in the Jordanian capital Amman with the international Monetary Fund to seal the Stand -by agreement , which will provide Iraq 's financial support to enable it to overcome the financial crisis and reduce the gap in the budget so as to enhance economic and financial system of the country 's reform process.