Najaf waiting question

18/05/2016 10 visit

Ammar Jabbar Al Kaabi He says the French Commander Napoleon Bonaparte, that man can do everything with bayonets, but he cannot sit on it! We can do everything in combat, and the use of force, but we will never build our country, to find participants adopted homelands between her sons, not by imposing wills, terrorizing potential competitors, because they, whoever they are, they remain brothers back home, our differences don't remember before mshtrkatna

The absence of an inclusive national identity, bully subsidiary identities, loss of politicians and their followers, misty landscape, woodland events, and bloody attacks, leading to tearing the country and accelerates to the abyss, which was headed to her for a while now Everything could be compensated, even human, but irreplaceable homelands,

in times of crisis should appear patriotic feeling, and give priority to the national interest, on our own, weiltga everyone who has the solutions, away from pride and false grandeur, it must resort to is to save the home, did not wait for and not thankful,

home is a roof everyone, than, however the increased differences and conflicts, authoritarian, or both, must be Boundaries should look down upon and not exiting, take expensive, take home!

Religious reference was the safety valve, remains the cornerstone of our coexistence, protector of Hammana, lead us not fail us in one day, Najaf has long provided solutions by solutions, but we didn't, we recommend you choose is not advised,

however, disagree with her and courted us vntbghad, and after all this we blame them, we curse her, irrational, and sometimes demands immediate not AlSharif, was proudly lacking in Aruba!

Unless you promise to our senses, we promise to Najaf, unless they won't find salvation, Captain of our ship inhabited, we won't find our guide to the United Nations, nor the Islamic organization claimed, they all feel our pain and our suffering, that she wasn't happy and share what's happening to us No is not obeyed, and lost his voice forced silence,

not because he wants to silence, but addresses them deaf you Uncle, he will more than anything, many speak out without hearing, lose prestige speaker loses his words, so silence, deferring to his date, traitor silence, pronouncing it shook thrones, and whispered, terrified, and entity, and decreed it casually and keeping down and Dina.