Deputy Minister of Defense of the Iranian Abedi: ready to meet the military needs of Iraq

May 18, 2016 17:47
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The Deputy Defence Minister Qasim Taqi Zadeh in his visit to the capital of Baghdad, his country's readiness to meet the military needs of Iraq in its war against Daash terrorist gangs.

This came during a meeting with his accompanying delegation on Tuesday evening, Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, and the presence of a number of the pillars of the Defense Ministry and its officials.

According to a ministry statement, he said "During the meeting, emphasizing the strength of the Iran-Iraq relations and ways of enhancing them to serve the common interests of the Iraqi and Iranian peoples."

The Minister of Defense, "thanked the Government and people of Iraq to support the positions and support provided by the Islamic Republic of Iran and Iraq in the war against terrorist organizations, and in order to achieve security and stability in the Middle East region in general."

And the transfer of Deputy Iranian Defense Minister verbal message to the Minister of Defense from his Iranian counterpart during which he renewed the invitation to visit the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He expressed Iran's deputy defense minister his country's readiness to continue to support Iraq in military magazines and meet the needs of the Iraqi armed forces, which is locked in a fierce war against terrorist organizations on behalf of the region and the world, praising the great victories achieved by the Iraqi forces to theaters of all processes.