IMF agrees to lend Iraq $ 13 billion

Oman -arac Press -18 May / May: The International Monetary Fund approved, to lend Iraq $ 13 billion to meet the financial needs, just days after an Iraqi team led by Finance Minister, Hoshyar Zebari talks in the Jordanian capital Amman with representatives from the International Monetary Fund.

Iraq and received-according reported by TV Alsm- a loan from the International Monetary Fund worth $ 13 billion worth of interest rate of 1.5%.

A member of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Parliament, Jabbar Abdul Khaliq, said in a statement that "the International Monetary Fund agree to lend Iraq $ 13 billion that came after the confirmation of the ability of Iraqi financial institutions to fulfill their obligations."

He added that "Iraq is in dire need of a loan as a result of the low sale price of oil on world markets, and increase the rate of expenditure because of the war on the organization Daash."

The member of the Finance Committee that "the Finance Committee will be hosting the Iraqi team, who led the negotiations with the International Monetary Fund in the Jordanian capital, for details on the conditions set by the Fund in exchange for lending to Iraq that amount."

And the impact of falling oil prices on global markets since June 2014, largely on the Iraqi economy, which relies on oil to finance more than 90% of state spending, as well as the prohibitive costs of the war against al Daash.anthy (1)