Attorney Al-Awadi: Iraq no longer existing (91) seats and some require leaders with wills intersect with the political situation
Date: Saturday, 31-03-2012 09: 25 am

Baghdad (newsletter) ...Accused Member State law the National Alliance Deputy//Ahsan Al-Awadi, some Iraqi leaders that they want to conduct list will intersect with the new political situation and do not wish to move the political process forward, noting that some members of the Iraqi list sent letters to neighbors lined for interference in the internal affairs of the country to the heart of the political process.
He said Al-Awadi (News Agency news) on Saturday: there are parties within the Iraqi list does not wish to convene a national conference that decided to boycott, explaining that these parties are limited to a small group inside Iraq.
He said that most members of the Iraqi list want to commit themselves to the political process and push forward political situation and guide the participation in the Summit was Arabic prominently and influential and prominent, noting that the province is not the solution to the crisis and wanted to interrupt the valikata and wants to resolve outstanding problems welcoming.
The Attorney for the State of law: that the National Alliance has reviews on some members of the Iraqi list to send them messages and communications of intervening matter lined the country's internal political process of heart, stating that this time was "me" because the political process emerging from it so hurts to consistent with the political process that deals with positive and does not wish to let us stay outside.
And between Al-Awadi: that Iraqi list no longer list of (91) one of many deputies from leaving and different visions within the Province began to clear, especially after the recent list that imposed by some, pointing to a group of leaders who want to seize the list and they send her with wills intersect with the political situation, but this group will not be able to lead Iraq to a lot of its members believe in the political process.
And sign the National Alliance Deputy: Iraqi ultimately deals with the political situation positively and refuse doesn't want the political process forward.
The Iraqi bloc questioned the usefulness of the convening of the Conference to resolve the country's political crisis, which President Talabani v next month deadline for a node in the absence of serious political forces to reach such a solution.
The meetings of the Preparatory Committee for the Conference were discontinued mid this month after four meetings during which failed in setting a deadline for the crisis or to agree on its agenda due to disagreements between the political forces and all the achievements of meetings that it has proposed worksheets for the Conference submitted by the major political blocs involved a national coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan Alliance list.
President Jalal Talabani agreed with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and speaker of the House of Osama alngivi, for convening the Conference resolve the political crisis in the country in next month's 5./finished/2 l. Eng.