Maliki proposes to abolish the results of the two sessions in April to dissolve the parliament crisis

Baghdad -arac Press -18 May / May:
The head of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki, on Wednesday, a proposal to cancel the results of the two sessions of parliament, which Anakdta in the month of April, the House of Representatives to resolve the crisis.

The al-Maliki proposed in conjunction with the Federal Court to determine, on Wednesday of next week, as the date to consider the constitutionality of Appeals sessions, which saw one of them vote on the dismissal of the Presidium of the parliament and the second vote on the dismissal of five ministers from the government of Abadi and the appointment of their replacements.

The Information Office of the Head of State of Law coalition, Maliki replied in response to reporters' questions directed to him via the communication with the media site-specific electronic media office window that "in order to activate the call that we have delivered to different from both teams in the House call upon the parties to agree on Cancel the results of the first and second sessions and outputs. "

Maliki and called for the "resume the House of Representatives held its renewed temporary management to be agreed upon, and take it upon themselves to resolve the issue of the Presidency and the ministers dismissed and appointed, and we believe that this solution is the best we have because it reflects self-will," adding, "We look forward to take the Federal Court into consideration these solutions to end the current crisis. "

The parliamentary bloc of the call, held on Wednesday, held a meeting in the presence of al-Maliki to discuss the crisis experienced by the country's security, political and economic challenges, and it called for "the resumption of the House of Representatives for his work and presence of all members according to a unifying formula is consistent with the principles of reform and towards the achievement of its objectives in finding the Parliament according to the political process requirements and meet the challenges ".anthy (1)