Hashemi: Cheering Iraqis against Iran's refusal to usurped their country (2 of 3)
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Thread: Hashemi: Cheering Iraqis against Iran's refusal to usurped their country (2 of 3)

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    Hashemi: Cheering Iraqis against Iran's refusal to usurped their country (2 of 3)

    Hashemi: Cheering Iraqis against Iran's refusal to usurped their country (2 of 3)

    Writings Wednesday 18 May 2016
    Reservation former Iraqi Vice President Tariq al - Hashimi on the establishment of a Sunni region of Iraq without a national consensus and accused of advocating sabotaging Iraq 's Party, said that al - Abadi is not aggressive but he was unable to open important files as he says money does describing the cheers of the Iraqi masses against Iran recently as an affirmation of my people to reject widely scale on Iran to take it into account and deal with it seriously , stressing that Iran has exercised a subversive role in Iraq is the main impediment to stability, progress and prosperity.

    The cross - Hashemi , who raised the international police , "Interpol" just days before his name permanently from the red list of internationally wanted in a lengthy interview with him . " Elaf "at his residence in Istanbul Turkish remorse to participate in the political process was seen picket group of deputies movement evidence of the chaos and the absence of conscious will adopt the change , according to systematic context or clear objectives and pointed out that he understood went Kurds for self - determination, but stressed the need to stay in Iraq unified framework He said the Sadrists mobility is required within the compressor mass momentum for reform.

    Here is the second part of the dialogue with al-Hashemi:

    * To what extent do you think the situation the departure of al - Maliki and take Abadi , head of government has changed especially as it came with the approval Sunni Arabs and Kurds and some Shi'ites?

    Nuri al - Maliki left a legacy of Aadharah in ugliness and bad as any prime minister ruled Iraq since the founding of the Iraqi state, and the effects of his rule are still fresh and a tyrant on the surface, Daash the one hand, the influence of sectarian militias and deep foundations of the state , which has over eight years on the other hand, rampant corruption, horrible backwardness in services, acute societal division, injustice and sectarian discrimination, the lost sovereignty, security fragile .... the role of Abadi did not go out reform , but to discreetly cover up the legacy left by his al - Maliki , head of his party, it is true Abadi is not aggressive but under his rule did not improve the situation because it was unable to open important files where the first defendant in which Nuri al - Maliki of the Dawa Party and the gang. Abadi lost credibility Malaifl he says, even if he is sincere to abandon the party who bears a historical responsibility for the destruction of the entire Iraq Maystdei provide its leaders to justice.

    * Ankrttm in the political process since 2004 Will the events were as you expect?

    You must be behind my involvement in the political process noble purpose worth the high price you paid and I Saber Calculated mean martyrdom of the three brothers, I say with sadness that the Malate political process was disastrous, although I and me few politicians worked to guide the evolution of events in order to serve the stability, unity and prosperity and sovereignty of Iraq, but these dreams have faded under the painful by internal and external parties strikes pushed in the opposite direction and succeeded with regret, I say today and after thirteen years on the invasion of Iraq if it received the warrants as Astdbert to insist on the originally non - participation.

    * Do you think that the political process has reached an impasse and how you can correct your vision in this situation? from the inside ? Or change it completely?

    Yes , the political process has reached an impasse and inevitable change, but it is noticeable at this point , Iraqis divided sharp division, but my personal opinion is going out to change it is no longer just the reform enough to deal with the destruction of long various aspects of life in Iraq, but do not change without methodology to experience the thirteen - year review in the light of this review the outputs build the road map to change
    the mechanism to begin from the unity of the Iraqi national opposition forces at home and abroad and the call for an international conference as if the Cairo 2 or Mecca 2 under international auspices, representatives of the participation of different forces and during the conference mentioned should Iraqis decide on their willingness to co - existence, and then agree on the shape of the Iraqi state, the shape of its Constitution .... all that being consensus and understanding, not violence and bloodshed.

    What hinders this solution, disunity and division , but the rivalry between the national forces on the one hand, and the lack of international will to change until the moment the other hand, without these two factors do not know how it can be achieved change? .. the biggest challenge facing us and Sausbandna future is Iran 's influence, if not guarantee restoration of Iraqi political decision kidnapped the wheel of change will not spin .. .

    * Recent protest movement and sit more than 100 members of Parliament began the demand for the dismissal of the three presidents then confined to the President of the Parliament . Why?

    This is evidence of the chaos and the absence of conscious will adopt Altgiertbaka systematic context or clear objectives, even the subject of a change of presidencies or focus on a cabinet reshuffle do not think it is enough to address General devastation that destroyed the state facilities and rip people and ruined the values ​​... It Aielj root of the problem , but going out to handle their secretions.

    * Do you think that the protest movement led by al - Sadr in a serious and real street ... Is it a part of the internal Shiite Shiite conflict? Where he left her and observe i'tikaaf in Iran , leaving his supporters were protesting in the streets?

    Mass momentum is required as a pressure can not be dispensed with, but success Aitoagaf the crowd only without methodological framework to move the masses moving from page to page through the road map until they reach the ultimate purpose, changing attitudes suddenly odds expectations Ooforeig the context of the evolution of events affects Gaher frustrated and disrupt her career and give way to the forces of change - outs to strengthen their positions are given ... therefore Valemradjah and a course correction is needed in a hurry.

    * What does it mean Cheering crowd in the Square celebrations and the parliament building against Iran and its interference in the affairs of Iraq?

    Sincere expression of the Iraqi conscience rejects domination and subordination, is a foregone conclusion Iraqi popular rejection of broadband on Iran to take it into account and deal with it seriously, that 's cheering for new evidence that the position of the people of Iraq , even from the children of the families of the south refuse to overcook the ruling junta Iraq 's sovereignty and allow Iranian hegemony, Iran has exercised a subversive role in Iraq is the main impediment to Iraq 's stability, progress and prosperity, the change must be based on the liberation of Iraq the will of the Iranian hegemony and this was a cheering mass popular ever significance in this particular circumstance.

    * To what extent do you believe that the call for the heads of three of his ministers Party responsible for what came to him the situation of the country?

    Parties that contributed to the destruction of many of Iraq and can not forget the hidden agenda behind the invasion in 2003 and the role trimmer to Iran and the positions of other hostile parties, but the Dawa Party , which governed since 2005 until this moment bears a large share of the responsibility in this area, the fact that I am a participant in the political process , I can confidently say that the systematic deviation actually began since the government of Ibrahim al - Jaafari, but the rule of Nuri al - Maliki over eight years was the worst of all levels, and until this moment , and despite the popular current broad pressure calling for change , we find that Abadi Yassouf and procrastinating and delaying , which adopts the vision Illabh confused, where a lot of promises and very little of reform.

    * Off calls between now and then to establish the Sunni territory as a solution to the persecution suffered by Sunni Arabs .. What is your position?

    Requirement unconstitutional and has unjustified, but has widespread support in the predominantly Sunni Arab provinces, but it is guaranteed to end the suffering and oppression soon as the Sunni Arab province of their own? It is guaranteed that the move to not lead to the division where he will come out all end up a loser? I'm afraid that this recipe is that did not materialize in a national consensus with the effects and the results disastrous, for this I suggest not to jump into the framework of ready -made solutions even heal all the parties around the negotiating table in the framework of a national conference sponsored international to discuss the Iraqi issue and come up with recommendations agreed upon by everyone, no doubt will be on the agenda , many topics complex in the forefront of the answer to the following question (Does remained opportunity for national coexistence or it is impossible to accept the other ... and based on the answer to keep compatibility features of Iraq 's future state) in all cases , this situation where we are absolutely unacceptable and must be changed.

    * What do you think the direction of the authorities in the Kurdistan region to hold a referendum on self - determination?

    Kurds are a major component in the people of Iraq , the composition has lived with them years of distress and years of good and the public interest of all parties that requires they remain in Iraq unified framework , however we understand their aspirations, has met Aldstormounasph desire to transform Iraq from the central state to the federal state, and stressed that the return to Iraq federal has voluntarily and not by force or coercion.

    Anomalies are paid different social components thinking Bohawwalha and concern for the future away from the national framework asylum from a failed state ... and the United Nations described Iraq under the domination of the Dawa Party. But this raises the Kurds self - determination referendum while the Arabs poses year project Sunni province.

    The International Police , "Interpol" has folded this week , the last page of the rule of the Iraqi judiciary on al - Hashemi to death to confirm to remove his name permanently from the red list of wanted to arrest a certain lack of conviction with the justifications provided by the Iraqi authorities for the verdict in Hashemi described the decision as confirmation that the charges laid by the Iraqi authorities to judge him void.
    previously the Iraqi judiciary in the era of the second term of former Prime Minister Nuri al- Maliki issued on the ninth of Spettmraam 2012 sentenced to death in absentia against al - Hashemi for allegedly driving death squads in the country where he raised his cause tension between the political forces, especially among the Iraqi list led by Iyad Allawi and belongs to al - Hashemi, a coalition of state law , which belongs to al - Maliki.

    Then Kurds entered in the crisis after being allowed Hashemi to stay in the Kurdistan region , the northern and refused to hand him over to the government in Baghdad because they knew that His case does not exceed targeted personally before later moving to outside Iraq , where he was officially welcomed by Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

    International police issued a "Interpol" from its headquarters in Lyon , France , in May 2012 , an international arrest warrant demanding assist States 190 member for "locate and arrest , " al - Hashemi , who issued warrant an Iraqi arrest in December 2011.


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    Re: Hashemi: Cheering Iraqis against Iran's refusal to usurped their country (2 of 3)

    Part 2 of 3 parts

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