‎Sumerian‬ text _ news political agreement that was signed yesterday.


Tuesday in sulaymaniyah governorate between the patriotic union of Kurdistan LED by former president jalal talabani and the leader of the movement for change nawshirwan mustafa.

The agreement included items and confirmation of the party's commitment to "the return of kirkuk and outs to the Kurdistan region", And develop a strategy for the Kurdish people in no becomes part of the "Sectarian Wars and conflicts at the level of Iraq and the region", With the agreement, he stressed, "may not be for any of his limbs alliance or agreement with another political party if it conflicted with the items and paragraphs of this agreement".

And below the text of the agreement signed between the two parties:
The first section.
The general bases

The first article:
The two sides is committed to the implementation of this agreement and development and the development of bilateral relations at all levels and provide a suitable platform to protect gains political, legal, economic and social people and unity of class inside the house.

Section II
The Constitution and form of government

Article II:
Committed to both sides of the need for a parliamentary system in Kurdistan and consider this system the best system for current phase, according to this system to elect the president of the territory by the parliament and the president of the government is directly responsible to the executive branch.

Article III:
Two sides are obliged to work to provide a Civil Democratic Constitution, the rights of citizens and public freedoms and rights, religious and national components of the rule of law, separation of powers and the balance between them and the peaceful exchange of power.

Article IV:
1 the parties agree to establish and develop a system of administrative decentralization in Kurdistan, the authorities granted provincial area of administrative, financial and technical full for the conduct of the affairs of the provinces, and that is through the amendment of the law no. 3 2009) of the district councils.

2 both sides reaffirms its support for the conduct of the elections of the issue and are working on ways to conduct.

Article V:
Disrupt the parliament and the persistence of this disruption caused the stain in the political process and the rule of law in the Kurdistan Region, so confirms the need for both sides to reactivate the parliament without conditions.

Article Vi:
Confirms the need for both sides to reform the political, legal, economic, financial and administrative for radical solutions to the problems faced by the Kurdistan region at the current stage. This is carried out through a genuine political will and good governance, the rule of law and institutional work.

Article VII:
The two sides agreed on the importance of institutional governance based on a true partnership between the political parties based on the results of the general elections.

Article VIII:
About sectors of education and higher education and health and all other sectors, the two sides is committed to the implementation of the necessary reform in these sectors for providing better services to the citizens and the foundations of social justice and equal opportunities.

Article ix:
Both sides confirms the necessity of ending the effects and features of the two departments in the Kurdistan region and the formation of a unified management on the basis of institutional governance.

Article x:
In the time in which both sides confirmed their commitment to the legitimacy of the forms of civil freedom of expression, and consider ways of protest and picket part of democratic struggle and professional to the public, they affirm the freedom of expression in a peaceful manner and modern away from violence.

Section III
"the right to self-determination and the referendum"

Article XI:
The parties agree that the "right to self-determination and independence for the people of Kurdistan", We must be ready for it fully, this topic is a national and must be based Kurdistan Parliament by name in the light of the higher interests of the people of Kurdistan.

Section IV
The judiciary

Article XII:
1-sides reiterate their commitment to the independence of the judiciary is fully functionally and financial and administrative institutions, and activate the prosecution and end the interference in the affairs of the courts, and the need to modify the judiciary and the legal prosecution and all Laws for achieving this goal.

2-sides of the judiciary for the formation of the supreme court in the territory of the repeat dunstan all privacy.

Section v
Relations with the federal government

Article XIII:
The two sides agreed on the need to find a way to address the problems between the Kurdistan region and the federal government through dialogue on the basis of national interests and national.

Article XIV:
1-sides reiterate their commitment to the "return of kirkuk and outs to the Kurdistan region", We are solving the problems of the border for the kurdistan national tasks and nationalism.

2-sides reiterate their commitment to work for the implementation of article 140 Constitutional.

Section Vi
Masses and government teams

Article Fifteen:
1-the first step in implementing such an agreement would be in the formation of a coalition of blocks on both sides of the parliament of Kurdistan and the Iraqi Council of representatives and provincial councils.

2-allow this agreement to share the list of participating in the two sides of the general elections of deputies Iraqi Kurdistan Parliament and provincial councils.

3-consolidate this agreement of cooperation and coordination between the difference of both sides in the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government and local governments.

Section VII
Lbyshmrkh and Homeland Security.

Article Vi:
About Lbyshmrkh forces and the forces of internal security and the security council in the Kurdistan Region, the parties agree to make these forces institutional and professional, relying on the law of the political parties act, the ministry of lbyshmrkh act and the ministry of interior and the law of the security council Security and any other law relating to this through the amendment of these laws or the issuance of other laws for that goal.

Section VIII
External relations

Article Seventeen:
The parties agree to make external relations to kurdistan institutional relations on the basis of national interests and regulated by law.

The eighteenth article:
The parties agree:
1-be for the people of Kurdistan strategy of response form don't become part of a sectarian war and conflict on the level of Iraq and the region.

2-at the level of Kurdistan, the support the legitimate struggle of the people in parts of Kurdistan, the other for the sake of achieving their goals.

Section ix
Sector of the economy and oil

Article Nineteen:
On the sector of the economy and oil both sides agree on:
1-Oil and gas, minerals and other sources of imports is the king of the year, and I have to be searching and finding and extraction and use and management and deal with it in a transparent and institutional, through constitutional institutions in the form of the rights The current and future generations.

2-stay away from the only source of imports by developing the sectors of Agriculture, industry and political and trade.

3-preparing the necessary laws and amend the relevant laws to address the monopoly of illicit and conflict in all areas of investment and trade.

Section X:
The Media.

Article xx:
Based Media sides in cooperation and coordination between them with the "Spirit of harmony" and work to be bound by the agreement.

Section XI
The final provisions

Twenty-one article:
It may not be any of the parties to this agreement, to hold an alliance or an agreement with a political party to another if you oppose that agreement or alliance with items and paragraphs of this agreement.

Twenty-second article:
This agreement is in the interest of the people of Kurdistan and the foundations of democracy, and any party may join this agreement with the consent of the parties to the agreement.

Article xxiii
After the signing of the agreement, the two sides as well as the protocol agreement or flying, and this is a protocol or soaring after signature is part and parcel of this agreement.

Article xxiv
The formation of a joint committee of senior members of the two sides to coordinate and follow up the implementation of this agreement and holds monthly meetings and take responsibility for the preparation of the protocols and annexes and temporary special committees if you request it.