Cabinet approves disbursement of 60 billion dinars for barley farmers and calls for the activation of Treasury bonds procedures

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The Cabinet approved, the payment of the amount of 60 billion dinars as receivables for barley farmers in two installments, with the face of the Ministry of Finance to expedite the launch of the displaced allocations, called for accelerating the activation of Treasury bonds procedures. The economic and investment commission in Parliament has also announced the formation of a working group of lawmakers and executives to reconsider the state's economic policy, usually to raise taxes has become "a national demand" to achieve "fairness and balance" between segments of society.

According to the Information Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said that the Council of Ministers held today, its regular headed by Haider al-Abadi, "noting that it" discussed the issue of displaced persons, where the face of the Ministry of Finance to accelerate the launch of the displaced allocations, particularly as we are embarking on the holy month of Ramadan. "

The statement added that "the cabinet face to accelerate the return of displaced persons to the liberated areas, and to emphasize the ministries concerned to provide the supplies necessary to return them to their areas and the price of the effort to re-displaced people in the provinces of Salahuddin, Diyala and Anbar,"

noting that "the Council discussed the repercussions of developments in the Diyala province, the emphasis on the directives of the commander in chief of the armed forces to maintain security in the province, and not to use the security services in political conflicts. "

The statement pointed out that "the Council of Ministers and taking into account the families of martyrs and of those killed due to terrorist acts, has agreed to authorize the Commerce Department the power to settle the amounts owed by the squatters citizens on the ration card, in addition to the families that lost their breadwinners legitimate that was left of the family, but children minors only, and those with incurable diseases and chronic under reports issued by medical committees, and persons with disabilities and the mentally retarded after submitting proof of that, and the families that reported individual travelers and the deceased and repeat ghost during the ration card distribution period, and which amounts to about one individual rest of the year. "

The statement continued that "the Council decided to approve the establishment of the Ministry of Finance, irrespective 60 billion dinars in the form of two installments in the months of May and June," pointing out that "The Council approved a draft of the Supreme Judicial Council, which Dqgah State Consultative Council and forwarded to the House of Representatives based on the provisions of Articles (61 / I and item 80 / item II) of the Constitution, taking into account the recommendations of the Council of Ministers about it. "

The statement said that "the Council of Ministers voted to adopt the electronic citizen by all government institutions service program indicators," stressing that "the Council stressed to accelerate the activation of Treasury bonds procedures for contractors, and decided to include peasants with these procedures."

In turn, the Chairman of the Committee of Economy parliamentary Jawad al-Bolani, The Economic Commission will form a team that includes members of the Finance and Economic Committees, the Parliamentary, and representatives from the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank and other stakeholders, "noting that" the team will develop a plan to deal with the economic challenges facing the country, and to reconsider economic policies, and to report to the House on the budget. "

Bolani said that "the Ministry of Finance should have to submit a report on the budget every ninety days, includes important data analysis such as reducing spending or rationalized and put pressure on government expenditures and increase local production and revitalize the industry, agriculture and housing initiatives," adding, "but the ministry had not done so."

Chairman of the Parliamentary Economy and Investment said that "the expansion of the tax base has become an important and nationally to achieve a balance between justice and segments of society."

The United States confirmed, in (the twentieth of April 2016), that the economic reforms the Iraqi government began to show the effects of an increase of non-oil imports, usually that the Iraqi government's success in reducing the budget deficit means obtaining a loan from the International Monetary Fund worth billions of dollars.

It is noteworthy that Iraq is seeking to get soft loans from the International Monetary Fund and other global destinations, to meet the budget deficit caused by the drop in world oil prices, and the repercussions of the war against the (Daash).

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