Rafidain Bank achieves its foundation in memory of the 75 financial achievements including technical services

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Economy News / Baghdad ...

Browse Rafidain Bank financial achievements in the provision of banking services to state institutions and citizens and other sectors.

A statement of the bank "Economy News" received a copy of it, from the general manager on behalf of Kamal al-Hassani, said that "the bank in the fifth after seventy of its founding anniversary, which coincides with the 19th of May [Thursday] was able to achieve sophisticated financial achievements compared to the previous departments."

Hassani pointed out that "the Bank's shares on the adoption of the electronic card Alki Card - MasterCard in the salaries of retirees and other categories covered by using advanced banking technology for users of the card in all its branches inside and outside Iraq."

It has also been "pushing employees to develop special courses Mlakathm up expertise in the fields of banking and financial work and look at the experiences of international banks in this regard."

He said al-Hassani, said that "the bank has contributed in collaboration with the Central Bank to provide a dollar coin to citizens for multiple purposes and its own resources and in accordance with the conditions set by the Central Bank, and develop a plan for expansion and opening up to the banks of the world and provided necessary facilities for employees and retirees."

He said Director General of the Rafidain Bank "regarding the granting of loans and advances it has made many of them for covered out according to the conditions and legal controls, and started to open new branches in the country to provide services to its customers," noting that "there are many banking achievements and will supplement the media out later." .

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