Citizen bloc emphasizes the need to speed up the convening of the parliament session
History Tahrir:: 2016/5/18 13:13 125 times mqrwh

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} citizen Bloc stressed the need to speed up the convening of the parliament session, noting that "the Iraqi parliamentary system of the best parliamentary systems."

According to a statement of the block received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today , " the citizen Bloc continues mobility with the rest of the members of the House of Representatives and all the political blocs in order to ease the crisis and develop appropriate solutions and treatment for all the problems and bring the views and the unification of views in order to expedite the convening of the parliament session and in the presence all members of the House of Representatives for the purpose to pick up people , the house and continue to the legislation of laws that serve the sons of this people. "

he assembled according to the statement that" the best parliamentary systems is the Iraqi parliamentary system because it includes all shades of the Iraqi people and the best constitutions is the Iraqi constitution and the parliamentary role not only legislation laws but legitimate Azvae all state institutions and does not make sense that life remains paralyzed in Iraq .bl it became incumbent on us to speed up the convening of the meeting under the dome of the parliament. "

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it is said that the crisis of parliament still exists for a boycott of several parties of the meetings, while there are political dynamics among the blocs to agree to hold a unified session.

the National Alliance MP Jassem Mohammed Jaafar as likely that the comprehensive Council session held Representatives presence of all blocs, including the protesters on Thursday or on Sunday , ".anthy