Of Justice recover 500 million dinars and recommend the 70 billion to the State Treasury
May 18, 2016

Our economy/Baghdad

The Iraqi Justice Ministry announced today a Wednesday, to recover some 500 million to state coffers last year 2015, with indicated refer to 19 staff integrity, recommended amounts returned to state coffers of around 70 billion dinars.

And the Justice Department's Inspector General said the Agency Jamal Taher Al-Asadi told reporters obtained by our agency newsletter, that "the Justice Department issued its annual report for last year 2015, which included 19 staff assignment against the law to the integrity or justice", stating that "the report also contained a number of investigative cases for the years 2010-2014 where achievement (80) cases during the year 2015, including routing (9) disciplinary penalties and (18) of the assignment to the integrity or justice and (45) case closed for lack of authenticity and (8) Cases still continue. "

Assad added that "investigative issues for the past year 2015 (132) case, resolving (7) disciplinary penalty routing issues, and referred one case to an impartial and (23) case closed for lack of authenticity and still (101) case under follow up", adding that "the number of cases of deaths of inmates (452), completed (188), case still ongoing issue (264).

Assad said that "the money returned to the State coffers amounted to 495 million and 275 000 and 299 dinars (DT 495.275.992) which is about updated fines companies reluctant guests and processing commitments by feeding detainees, converted to revenue for State coffers.

And the Justice Department Inspector General said that "recommended amounts returned to the State Treasury reached 69 billion and 700 million and 465 000 and 87 dinars (69.698.466.087)", pointing out that "such amounts represent the value of an employee embezzling property registration Directorate in the cities, in addition to updated fines of reluctant companies in implementing the commitments of the processing of inmates and detainees to Iraqi reform Chamber feeding."