Kurds will receive more than $ 3 billion from the international loan in exchange for their return to parliament
18/05/2016 13:46 Number of Views: 1043

BAGHDAD / tomorrow Press:

MP predicted for mass independent, Samira al-Moussawi, on Wednesday, the return of Kurds to resume their duties in the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives, having secured 17% of the loan obtained by Iraq from the International Monetary Fund, according to her.

Musawi said in a press release, "Tomorrow Press" received a copy of it, that "the Kurds, they refuse to return to Baghdad, but after hearing the approval of the World Bank to lend to Baghdad sawed private matter and that the proportion of the region it will be three dollars and a half billion dollars."

"The Iraqi huge amounts of money are not protected, and are vulnerable to theft by weak people, how we can protect the loan money and put it in the right place?".

She Musawi, "the government may be forced to agree to the World Bank conditions for obtaining the loan, but they must be honest with all the people the reality of these conditions, and if we refused to do without the loan and Nnaql at the gates of the budget disbursement until the improved economic situation of Iraq."

She explained that "the international loan requires reducing the budget, but the question is where you reduce the budget and in any sector, you cut staff salaries or covered by a network of social protection or the popular crowd security and military spending?".

She noted that "the House of Representatives is who will bear responsibility to the Iraqi people if they contributed to the completion of the agreement on the loan, so we want to declare the pros and cons of the loan to the public and through the media."

The International Monetary Fund agreed on Sunday to give Iraq a loan of 13 billion dollars with an interest rate of 1.5%.