Urgent .. judiciary determines on the 25th of this to consider the constitutionality of the two sessions of the protesters

Wednesday 18-05-2016 | 1:12:52

Twilight News / announced the Iraqi judiciary for identification on the 25th of this month to consider the constitutionality of two deputies held Mastamon.

The sitters House of Representatives voted to dismiss the Presidium of the parliament. Where he became a contentious issue disrupted the meetings of the Council was postponed with the vote on the new government lineup.

He said the judiciary responded to the Twilight News, that based on the decision of the Federal Supreme Court dated 17.5.2016 in the process of inviting the parties to challenge the constitutionality of two sessions of the House of Representatives last month's meetings, claims to offer their arguments and evidence in Almno.at 38/39/40 / federal suits / 2016 and accordingly select on 25.5.2016 as the date for the first hearing in the eyes of these suits.

The Iraqi parliament crisis ranged place, and President of the Council is trying obtained more time for the resumption of hearings by a decision to postpone the legislative term holiday to parliament one month to begin next month.

The judiciary issued a statement drew a direct Federal Supreme Court letters to the parties filed suits concerning the constitutionality of the two sessions of the parliament meetings, last month, that the court issued its decision after the receipt of replies, as he emphasized deputies from the Union of Forces send the official response to the letter of the court.