Abadi take important security steps after deadly bombings in Baghdad

Baghdad -arac Press -18 May / May: issued commander of the armed forces , Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, an order to make changes in the system of intelligence and the face of the intensifying effort to detect terrorist Allaaa sleeper against the backdrop of bombings in the capital Baghdad and the arrest of the direct charge of security for the terrorist bombing in the city of Shaab district .

Information Office of the Prime Minister said at the press briefing, on Tuesday evening, said that "our heroine check on the battlefields, victories over the terrorist gangs , where it reached the wetlands in record time and broke down the enemy before them , and left behind hundreds of people fled, dragging tails between their legs, took refuge in the enemy despicable terrorist to his methods in the Nile unarmed civilians through the criminal bombings in the cities , taking advantage of the atmosphere of political differences that Iraq is going through. "

He added that "this cowardly act refers to the defeat of terrorism in the face of our heroes and heading to the killing of women and children, where he sought Daash gangs terrorist alleviate defeats To achieve a media triumph after the great victories achieved by our heroine in the front lines and defeated the Daash terrorist in the various war fronts, and in this regard confirms the Prime Minister on the need to rise above the differences between the political forces and the pursuit of the regularity of the work of state institutions, which cuts the road on the negative effects on the security side , which is exploited by terrorist gangs. "

He stressed that " the government says it continues to pursue the perpetrators of these terrorist crimes were Prime Minister General Commander of the Armed Forces , Haider al - Abadi issued several directives and orders in this regard, as follows:

1 / directing Joint Special Operations Command and the Interior Ministry to intensify intelligence effort to uncover terrorist cells responsible for the criminal bombings in Baghdad.

2 / making changes in the system of intelligence to protect the city from terrorism to coincide with the military victories of our fighters in the Champions fronts.

3 / direct charge of security for the terrorist bombing in the city area people arrested.
The Chairman of the Council of Ministers , "my sincere condolences to the families of the martyrs who were killed in the recent bombings and wishes a speedy recovery to the wounded."

The statement pointed out that "In spite of the many challenges faced by the country, but our heroes are investigating victories and liberate the land and started yesterday edit the humid city operations and , God willing bleeding Bushra victory which soon and complete the liberation of all occupied by terrorist gangs."

He added, "These victories earned require the support of our heroine , a locked honor against terrorist gangs and fights everyone is invited to contribute effectively to support these forces to sustain the momentum of victories and edit every part of our territory."

The Council of Ministers issued in its usual range for today decisions that affect many segments of society and many of the important sectors, where the council discussed the issue of displaced persons, and the face of the Ministry of Finance to speed up the release of allocations for them , especially as we are embarking on the holy month of Ramadan. "

Cabinet also directed to "accelerate the return of displaced persons to the liberated areas and the emphasis on the ministries concerned to provide the necessary supplies to bring them back, and the price of the effort to re - displaced people in the provinces of Salahuddin, Diyala and Anbar."
The Cabinet also discussed "developments in the Diyala province , said the directives of the Commander in Chief of the armed forces to maintain security in the province and not to use the security agencies in the political repercussions of conflicts."

In another aspect into consideration and to the families of the martyrs and the slain because of terrorist acts, it has got Cabinet approval for the settlement of the amounts owed ​​by the citizens of squatters on the ration card of them in addition to other social strata.

Council and to support farmers barley crop also decided to approve the establishment of the Ministry of Finance , irrespective 60 billion dinars in the form of two installments in the months of May and June, also has to approve the draft of the Supreme Judicial Council , which Dqgah the State Council decided to submit it to the House of Representatives, as the Council stressed on speeding up activating Treasurys procedures for contractors, and the Board decided to include this measure peasants ".anthy (1)