2016/5/18 13:16

In Baghdad

The planning Ministry announced it would end March management development programme in Iraq.

The planning Minister Salman jumaili Ministry statement said all Iraq [where] the Ministry of national development management project completed [IDMS] with the support of USAID, "stating that" project which is the first of its kind in Iraq will help the Government to manage the financial resources properly to enhance performance in delivering better services to citizens, transparency and combating corruption and providing the exact mechanisms in pursuing projects and completion ratios and deviation in the implementation process.

Jumaili said that "the Ministry of planning has worked on this project for several years, 932 has been trained trainees from various ministries and provinces to work on the application of this system which is one of the important pillars in applying electronic government as well as being longer than the basic tools of the administrative and financial reform process in Iraq."

And Minister of planning ministries and provinces to form specialized units apply development management system in Iraq in order to provide the right conditions for working with the exact mechanisms provided by this system, "adding that" the Ministry expanded Conference will be held at the end of this month to launch the development management programme in Iraq. "