Allawi of the Iraqi people on the brink of an armed uprising

| (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad , former Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi believes that the two sides Sunnis and Shiites Oousela Iraq to the dangerous situation of the political failure of the security and social decline, and warned that the continuation of the sectarian approach would eliminate the two parties, and will lead to an armed uprising. Says Allawi, in an interview with the newspaper "Arabs" of London, said that all countries with pivotal stages in its history and the track is definitely witnessing a change in governments. The government , which is supposed to come after for the crisis to be able to meet them. In regard to Iraq, the dangerous situation in which the country is living in the moment requires, a government that can be played with two tasks main ways : - to achieve victory over the organization of the Islamic state and the mobilization of Iraqi society and changing political climates to be repulsive terrorism through genuine national reconciliation and to address IDP issues and work to perpetuate the victory against al Daash. - to change the electoral law to enact another law impartially and change the election commission and replace their extensions and bring judges, academics and independent staff to oversee the general elections and the task of the government bailout , which we call them. Allawi and adds that this government must be constrained conditions, similar to the Lebanese model, after the assassination of Rafik Hariri Najib Mikati came to the ministry condition that does not stand in the elections and did not run only in session beyond; and for the Iraqi model a definite must - old government to be and has a time limit not exceeding two years does not participate in any future elections. He stressed that this government It would be "to put Iraq on the road to recovery not recovering; When placed on the right path and then will be the rest of the details as possible verification." He ruled Allawi, who served as Vice President of the Republic after the recent elections in Iraq in 2014, a dispute over who heads the government for being will be far from the pressures, adding that "there is a limited response from President Fuad Masum , and some commanders in Iraq against the insistence of the majority to keep things current status." diagnosed Allawi political process in Iraq is a problem that it is "faulty structure , " which brought the situation to what it is today. He believes that "political forces if they are not able to abide by its promises; and want Iraq to continue the bloody situation of now, it means that the entire political process needs to change , which will be by the people, and as it escalated calls during peaceful demonstrations to change the situation, it will be addressing the political process. " warns the national coalition leader of an armed popular uprising in the event of the political blocs have not committed out of political sectarian quotas; in appreciation" in the event of non - compliance of the political blocs , including the people want the latter to resort to an armed uprising since it came to serious anger levels very. In the convictions of Iraqis in their opinion, is the use of a Sunni or Shiite word is unacceptable. " He adds Allawi , " the people want to get rid of the politicization of religion , "noting that the political process" is no longer able to express the aspirations and ambitions of the Iraqis because of its structure.

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