Tamimi: IMF loan would be Papa bear consequences of corruption and the people
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at 20:29 (Baghdad time)

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Magda parliamentary Finance Committee member confirmed Tamimi, Tuesday, Iraq does not need International Monetary Fund loan being Papa will corruption and bear the consequences of the Iraqi people, with the World Bank Governor criticized the move to claim the loan and sell the Bank daily more than 126 million dollars less than the estimates.
Tamimi said l/balance of news "loan would be a door for corruption and performs in two days and keep its consequences are borne by the Iraqi people of the benefits and limitations and other things", noting that "Iraq could reduce many expenses that clog the loan amount and corrupt accounting and aliens."
"The Central Bank Governor took hold meetings and negotiate an IMF loan in time buy daily from 126 million to 140 million dollars in an auction to sell the currency."
Finance Committee member criticized some Ministers to boycott the political process and Government meetings and presence in Oman to negotiate the loan amount, "calling" cancel the loan after many claim political financial shares on behalf of the people for its return to Parliament ".
He was a member of the parliamentary Finance Committee Sirhan Ahmed revealed, Sunday, borrowing $ 6 million Iraq during recent meetings between Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari and the International Monetary Fund.
Required the Kurdistan Alliance, last Sunday, an allocation of 3 billion dollars of the IMF loan to Kurdistan in Exchange for his return to Baghdad, with strong Union student loan funds for displaced persons to ensure their return to Council meetings ended http://www.microsofttranslator.com/b...25B9%25D8%25A8