Coherent policies to achieve sustainable development

5/18/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb

Projected economic workshop highlighted the conditioning goals of sustainable development and in accordance with national peculiarities, stressing that capacity building is steps achievement of development and this is consistent with the development program of the United Nations, it showed the workshop that the path that makes institutional structures interact and cooperate in order to sustain development.

He said the academic d. Adnan Yassin Mustafa by approaching the goals of sustainable development 2015 - 2030: The diversity and differences between the countries of the world a reality, as well as between countries of the same region, and even within the same country, which requires the adoption of consistent methodology for dealing with what is private and what is public at all levels.

At the same time, knowing identify the factors network that contribute to draw what is common and what is distinctive from one country to another or within the same country. Building partnerships and added in a symposium organized by the Alrtoh Center and attended by «morning»:

The vision pushed researchers and stakeholders in development affairs the continued emphasis on the integration of the goals of sustainable development in national planning issues, so that the conversion goals of sustainable development or counted tool for working and building partnerships, awareness and monitoring, requires integration into the national planning process.

he noted that the association with the realities of sustainability and the requirements of flexibility and integration, the national planning cycle requires determining the overall objectives, and analyze the situation and identify concrete and intermediate goals, identify strategies, policies, programs and projects and the timetable for implementation, and estimate the cost, and then develop a system for monitoring and evaluation and re - straighten the track.

safe environment Mustafa said that ensuring the successful implementation of the strategy of sustainable development 2015-2030 requires the presence and capabilities policies needed to ensure the availability of clean, safe and secure and the state of developmental functioning and good governance and national economy medley characterized by a high degree of recovery and growth, and a database and information on social, economic and developmental conditions characterized by high accuracy as well as the body of an administrative curvaceous with a higher degree of responsibility and national environment.

He Perhaps the fundamental point that I tried workshop dealt with , invite the goals of sustainable development to promote the integration and coordination to build global partnerships for sustainable development, where these partnerships will work in a vast ocean of local contexts, with a great diversity of development partners, and this work will be achieved through many channels on the level global, national and local levels .

complementarity of interests between Mustafa said these trends and tracks made ​​the agenda of 2015-2030 requires a new model to adapt to the development cooperation practices in order to grasp the complexities of going through the development process, and to ensure the integration of diverse interests and policies in a coherent manner, We have no doubt that concern everyone is due to the gap between knowledge and practice in this area, indicating the existence of encouraging signs of change and determined to build a different development model.

eating latter part of the display options for the Iraqi experience, highlighted the importance of benefiting from the global development process, as it considered that the starting point for identifying development paths President and sustainability requires the adoption of a strategy in terms of spatial development, the other to generate the desired results, in line with the special needs of Iraqi society.